ob peacocks

  1. Rayfishowner

    New to African Cichlids

    Hey all, I will be getting a group of yellow lab and ob peocock hybrids tomorrow. This will be my first time caring for African Cichids so please let me know if there’s anything particularly different between their care and that of central and South American cichlids. Do I have to worry about...
  2. KelberiFishLover19


    He guys so about a month and a half ago I set up a 55 gallon tank for a good friend of mine. I had a high budget so I decided I was going to make it a super nice tank. His only suggestion was that he wanted sand. Everything else was up to me. So I got some stone hinge and a nice Fluval FX4...
  3. Mvrenko

    Gendering OB peacock

    Hello all! A few weeks ago I purchased a juvenile OB peacock. Trying to gender this early is complicated I have realized. I am not experienced enough to vent. Is anyone able to help me predict what gender my OB is? He/she has yellow egg spots on the anal fin and orange on the tale and dorsal fins.
  4. S

    OB peacock or Calico convict? Need ID please

    Hi, I just started keeping Ciclids, I have only peacocks for the moment. Today I went to my local store and he had these beautiful fish for sale, they were only labeled as African cichlids. He only knows that the lady that dropped them off said they were peacocks. They look nothing like my...