ornate bichir

  1. Y

    Good sources for live food

    I’ve been feeding crickets, earth worms, minnows, tilapia, shrimp cutlets, blood worms, brine shrimp and probably something I’m forgetting like 3 times a week other than that they eat hikari sinking carnivore pellets(they absolutely love these things). I was wondering about any other foods y’all...
  2. U

    Critique My Tank Build Design & Fish List - Please

    I'm in the process of designing my 500+ gallon tank with overflows and a 50 gallon sump. It's an odd pentagon shape - 8.5' x 5' (should allow adequate turning radius for larger fish). Please look at my drawing and provide me with any comments, pointers or tips. GOOD, BAD, or UGLY! The entire...
  3. R

    For Sale  11"+ Ornate Polypterus likely female

    Really thick and healthy, she's about 2 years old so getting to breeding age. She's in my show tank and keeps to hiding with the lights but would do well in a bichir only or low light tank. Would be awesome to see her go to a breeding program. Will get pics if given genuine interest it will...
  4. B

    For Sale  Bichir ornate and endlicheri 12”+

    Ive been raising these guys for about a year. Both are at least 12in. No live foods. Chill temperaments. $100 each, discount for both Text me if interested: 8589350566 Thanks!
  5. A

    For Sale  Large Ornate Bichirs

    I unfortunately have to re-home my beloved large ornate bichirs (10-11inches each). I believe they are both female. $60 each or $100 for both. They are both approximately 5 years old. Available for drop off within 12mi radius in LA. Located in San Fernando Valley (Encino specifically)
  6. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  6”-10” Polypterus/Bichirs NORCAL

    Looking for 2-3 Polypterus currently between 6 and 10 inches. Preferably ones that get larger than 16” with an ornate or p.b.b. Being most wanted. Pm me with any offers and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Not looking to deal with shipping right now due to the holidays. Just meet ups or pickups...
  7. W

    WTB : Ornate bichir and ropefish in SoCal

    I'm looking for 2 Juvenile ornate bichirs and 4 juvenile ropefish to pick up in SoCal
  8. fishdat

    Traded into where I work - can I get an ID?

    I'm torn between two species and would like anothe opinion. And I'm assuming WC from how slender the fish is vs my CB.
  9. Sarahmander

    Anybody want an ornate?

    My LFS has free shipping:
  10. L

    So I bought a one-eyed bichir

    Just got a one-eyed ornate about 7 inches. Didn't notice until I got home. I was thinking of returning it but the one-eye really adds character and now I kinda don't want to. Will this guy grow up normal? Any one kept a one-eyed before, if so, how was it different than normal bichirs? Really...
  11. W

    New Polypterus babys

    Just picked up a couple little bichir the other day at Midway tropical fish in Washington. A little Ornate and a Delhezi.
  12. M

    Severely deformed ornate help!

    Hi! Im new to this forum and I need some help. I have a roughly 4 inch ornate bichir that I named "L", for the reason that his back is so poorly kinked that he looks like a swimming L. I'd saw him at my LFS for about three months before his price dropped and I couldn't help myself. I have a...
  13. B

    Bichir compatibility

    Any thoughts on keeping more than one Bichir in the same tank? I'm planning a 240g (96x24x25") and was hoping to keep an Ornate and Delhezi together. Is it possible? Any tips for long term success or should I avoid mixing and just get one? Also, could they live long term with a black ghost...
  14. T


    So my little Ornate has an ulcer like lesion on his one side that I would typically identify as colmunaris in trout and sturgeon. I have no plecos and the poor guy hasn't come out enough for me too notice till now. What do you guys think? Best form of treatment? I salted the tank and turned the...
  15. P

    180 gallon stocking

    Hey everyone very new to monster fish keepers looking forward to keeping some monster fish! I’m having trouble settling on stocking my new 180 gallon tank and would love some pointers. I’ve been in love with bichirs for quite some time but am concerned about mixing ornates with either delhezi...
  16. J

    Ornate Bichir

    Hi everyone. I wish to enquire something. I have had my ornate bichir for quite a while now and earlier after I got back from work, I realised that there was a lump underneath my ornate bichir mouth. it is worrying me a lot as I am unsure of it. Yesterday night before I went to sleep, I...
  17. H

    FOR SALE: Datnoids, Polypterus, Geos, Red Severums

    I am looking to go in a different direction with my 125 gallon tank. All fish in good shape. FOR SALE NTT Datnoid - $60 - healthy but he's been eating krill and hasn't taken pellets, about 6-7 inches. Indo Datnoid - $60 - eats everything, very healthy, about 5 inches. 2 Seremensis Geos -...
  18. M

    two juvenile ornate bichirs for rehoming

    I have two, I know they are still small to know for sure but I do believe one is a male and one is a female because of their fin differences. They are both about 6.5" and very happy healthy fish but my daughter is disappointed in the tank because we have a 100 gallon long and she never gets to...
  19. S

    catfish and bichir very bad off.

    Yesterday the fish were fine. Noticed a very small cut on the catfish gills and today, this. Water tests are good. Nothing new added to the tank. Has been set up over 3 years. Any ideas?
  20. M

    Ornate Bichirs

    I have 3 ornate bichirs all under 5" in a 100 gallon long tank. We have/had intentions of building a 450 in about a year. I already have my glass quote in to the company... But this morning i woke up and the smallest of the 3 seems to be having dificulty swimming correctly as if maybe her dorsal...