1. S

    Help with a future set up - Currently being built

    Greetings peoples of MFK!, finally took the plunge and joined the forum after doing much of my searching lead me to this great plethora of information, To start off I'm a proud keeper of many cichlids and have been for the last 2 years, its only in the last 8 months I decided to go down the...
  2. T

    Injured Arowana

    My 5” Tiger Oscar tried to eat my 5” Silver Arowana. This is my first Arowana so I’m looking for advice from experienced keepers on treatment. They were in a 125g but I have since separated the Arowana to a 75g by himself. The pellets are from trying to get him to eat.
  3. Stanv03

    125 gallon monster stocking idea?!

    Hello everyone, so I have a 125 US gallon fish tank (LxWxH/72”x18”x21”) and I currently have 2 Oscar’s, 6 silver dollars and a Rhino pleco. I have 2 FX6s running on each end of the tank. And I was considering getting an Ornate or Delhezi bichir, would I be able to do both?
  4. CaptainAquatics

    Possible Cataracts in my Oscars Eye

    Hello All! BACKSTORY: So if I am to post here I must admit my faults before I start. For the last year or so I have majorly been uninvolved in the hobby and have been slacking on doing proper care for my aquariums and fish - which I regret and am trying to make right. I have been fishkeeping...
  5. E

    Longterm Oscar bloat - what can be done?

    I have a Oscar fish who has gotten pretty bloated as of the last month. He behaves normally, eats normally, etc. Today he was very sluggish, but ate normally yesterday. Fasting did not result in bloating going away, tried this for 4 days without food, then a week at 30% feedings, and then 70%...
  6. E


    Hello everyone, I have had this Oscar for a couple weeks and he was doing great in the tank. He loves to eat and always comes out when I get close. I saw 2 days ago he had some white spots and I immediately thought it was ich. I was told ich spreads fast so I waited a day to see if it was ich...
  7. V

    oscar hunger strike

    I had a 12” Oscar an 8” goldfish and several guppies in a 75 gallon tank and everything was good. Guppies never got eaten. Then I got a 14” pleco free with a 30g tank, who I moved to the 75g. Wow can they poop! It was almost impossible for me to keep the nitrates down. Oscar got a white fluffy...
  8. Oscar_Dad

    Oscar Experts: I Need Your Brains

    I have a big old beast of an Oscar who's about 3 years old and has lived his entire life in a 220. We just lost his companion Oscar/main squeeze and he seems bored without another Oscar. The full grown sailfin pays no attention to him - and since he figured out he can't bully the sailfin, he...
  9. U

    For Sale  Monster Fish (Chicago)

    Peacock bass (kelberi) 10-12” : $350 Peacock bass (kelberi) 6”: $150 Black diamond (75%) hybrid female 6”: $600 Tiger Oscar 10”: $30 Albino Oscar (95% white) 10”: $100 Dovii (mated pair: male 12” and female 6”): $200 Kamfa Flowerhorn male 6” (aggressive): $250 Red dragon/zz hybrid Flowerhorn...
  10. A

    Confused New tank owner

    Hello, i have a question here. I just got a new tank with 1 tiger oscar, 1 albino oscar, 2 albino pleco, 2 african jewel cichlid, 1 giant red tail gourami & 2 black pearl parrot in a 96gallon tank. messy fish i heard is oscars and pleco? how often do i need to gravel vacuum?
  11. That Trinindad Pleco

    Thoughts On Petsmart Minimum Tank Size Change

    Hi, my LFSs are a Petsmart and a Petco. The Petco had no tank size labels in front of its fish, but the Petsmart did. I Remember when I first walked in their and it said Oscar minimum tank size 40 Gallons, and I thought oooof. Bala Shark was 40 as well, Anglefish 20, Common Pleco 55, and Koi...
  12. That Trinindad Pleco

    135 Gallon Predator Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I am planning on getting a 180 Gallon (96x18x24) in about a month, and I will be moving my fish out of my 135 (72x18.5x23.5) into the new tank. I will have an empty 135 gallon that I would like to try something new with. I have a Red-Eyed Red-Tailed Dwarf Puffer in a 45 Gallon, and I wanted...
  13. That Trinindad Pleco

    120 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I may be getting a new 120 gallon 48x24x24 tank soon and it will be my second biggest, and my 6th tank that I currently am using. I was wondering about any stocking ideas, if you want to say community fish, please list some unique species as I have 3 community tanks. I was wondering if an...
  14. T

    Green Terror swimming in side

    We have set up a new tank, we have a 2" GT and 2" oscar. They seem very stressed. GT is swimming on his side a lot and hiding by the heater. We have had the GT for 4 days and the oscar exactly 1 week now. The oscar loses his dark spots for a few hours and then goes back to normal. So, I'm just...
  15. U

    Does my Oscar have HITH?

    Here are some pictures i'm not sure
  16. G

    Opinions on Arrowana in a 180g

    What is everyone's opinion on an Arowana in a 180g? I have 2 Oscars in the 180 with 6 silver dollars, and I eventually want an Arowana to grow out in another tank to put in the 180g. I understand I will have to upgrade to a 250-300 gallon in the future, but do you think an Arowana could go well...
  17. P

    Looking for input on tank setup

    I plan on getting a 200 gallon tank in the near future and I was wondering if my plan for the fish is overly optimistic or not. I want to get a silver arowana, a giant gourami, 3 oscar, 5-10 silver dollars, and a common pleco. I was planning on getting 2 fluval fx6's. I appreciate any and all...
  18. C

    Small hole in fin not healing

    Hello everyone, I've had a small oscar in my South-American aquarium for almost a month now. While the other fish seem to have nipped his fins a few times during this time (mostly when he's following them around while they're eating... not his best idea) these tears always seem to heal fully...
  19. B

    Advice on new cichlid tank setup

    Hi, first time posting here, after some advice on a new tank setup. It's a brand new 600L tank, 60"L x 24"W x 30"H. Completely empty at the moment. I'm thinking... 1 or 2 Oscars 1 Jack dempsey 1 Green terror 1 Texas or carpintis cichlid 2 birchirs. Probably armoured bichirs Some catfish of...
  20. K

    Green terror and Oscar

    So I have a 3 year old green terror. He has been through a lot, he has batted hole in the head and an addiction to bloodworms and won both fights. My Oscar seems bored and my green terror does as well. My green terror is in a 40 gallon breeder and my Oscar is in a 75. I know the 40 is a little...