1. U

    Does my Oscar have HITH?

    Here are some pictures i'm not sure
  2. G

    Opinions on Arrowana in a 180g

    What is everyone's opinion on an Arowana in a 180g? I have 2 Oscars in the 180 with 6 silver dollars, and I eventually want an Arowana to grow out in another tank to put in the 180g. I understand I will have to upgrade to a 250-300 gallon in the future, but do you think an Arowana could go well...
  3. P

    Looking for input on tank setup

    I plan on getting a 200 gallon tank in the near future and I was wondering if my plan for the fish is overly optimistic or not. I want to get a silver arowana, a giant gourami, 3 oscar, 5-10 silver dollars, and a common pleco. I was planning on getting 2 fluval fx6's. I appreciate any and all...
  4. C

    Small hole in fin not healing

    Hello everyone, I've had a small oscar in my South-American aquarium for almost a month now. While the other fish seem to have nipped his fins a few times during this time (mostly when he's following them around while they're eating... not his best idea) these tears always seem to heal fully...
  5. B

    Advice on new cichlid tank setup

    Hi, first time posting here, after some advice on a new tank setup. It's a brand new 600L tank, 60"L x 24"W x 30"H. Completely empty at the moment. I'm thinking... 1 or 2 Oscars 1 Jack dempsey 1 Green terror 1 Texas or carpintis cichlid 2 birchirs. Probably armoured bichirs Some catfish of...
  6. K

    Green terror and Oscar

    So I have a 3 year old green terror. He has been through a lot, he has batted hole in the head and an addiction to bloodworms and won both fights. My Oscar seems bored and my green terror does as well. My green terror is in a 40 gallon breeder and my Oscar is in a 75. I know the 40 is a little...
  7. Isaiah75

    Oscar not eat and Losing scales

    My Albino Oscar stopped eating a couple days ago and is now losing scales. I need help identifying the issue so I can save him. He’s been sitting in the bottom with semi labored breathing. I did a large water change (~75%) two days ago. I typically do a 50-60% weekly. I had just checked the...
  8. R

    Need advices :)

    I'm planning on having my 14cm Channa YS be tankmates with my 8cm Oscar, and maybe add a Brushmouth Pleco and 2 Kaviat Albino fishes. Is that a good idea? Since i know Channa and Oscar are agressive fishes, so if there are any advice, it will be very much appreciated, before I might do a wrong...
  9. U

    Albino Oscar shedding Skin? Please HELP !!!

    I’ve got two Albino Oscars, a male and female, I’ve noticed the skin shed on the male one, and I haven’t seen them quarrel anytime. A few days ago I noticed my aquarium colour changed to a light colour, like foggy, so I turned on another filter and it came back to normal, now I started noticing...
  10. A

    For Sale  Severums (red tiger, red, turquoise)

    Hi there, up for sale are 9 tiger Severums sizes 6-11in. 5 turquoise 4 - 7 inches 2 spotted red, 5 - 6 inches 11 inch pleco 2 clown loaches Everything for $750 please no baller I will try selling as a group first before separating them. All fish are healthy, eating tetracolor granules, water...
  11. P

    What’s wrong with the belly of this fish?

    I don’t know what happened. Water parameters are all good, No aggressive tank mates, fish eats and properly and no behavior changes.
  12. P

    Baby Arrowana and baby Oscar live feeding

    Watch baby Arrowana and oscar eat feeder fish
  13. Mofo fish

    Is this spawning behavior?

    Recently moved the Oscars to a different 125 and these two started behaving differently. Also the dominant male seems to have changed and then the female (the rounder of the two shown) started twitching with this O. Just from anyone who has ever gotten Oscars to breed and is this typical sparing...
  14. M

    FREE  Rehome 3 Oscar's

    Need to rehome 3 Oscar's as soon as possible. A 75 gallon tank and tank stand will be included if taking the single Oscar. Willing to sell the Marineland Emperor 450. Would prefer to keep the pair together as I bought them together about 1 year ago when they were 3 inches. If taking the pair, I...
  15. H

    3000 Gallon Planted Big Cichlid Aquarium...Upgraded!!

    Big update to the 3000 gallon, new lights, new fish, upgraded filtration....woot! :)
  16. E

    Are these oscars sick?

    I have no idea what happened to them. It’s only gotten worse too. Yesterday I saw one Oscar with what looked to be an eye injury, thought they got in a fight and I was upset but brushed it off. Now I come home this morning after work and see this. He’s gotten worse and it looks like the other...
  17. Vivekcichlids

    Please help.

    I have a 5feet long 90 gallon tank. I've had an Oscar in it for almost 2 years. He was really healthy and grew big from a very small size. But recently I lost him all of a sudden. He was gasping and died. I do the water changes weekly 40-50% always and it has worked for me really well. I brought...
  18. C

    Oscar swimming erratically

    My Oscar randomly starts swimming around as fast as he can in the middle of the night, enough to make enough noise to wake me up from my sleep, it last about ~30 seconds or so, is this normal behavior for oscars? He’s done it about 3-4 times in the past couple of months
  19. A

    Oscar not growing?

    Iv currently had my Oscar for about 2 months when I got him he was about 2.5 inches and now he’s barely touching 3 inches some of my family say he doesn’t even look any bigger, my question is why? I feed him bio gold pellets everyday, freeze dried krill some days and frozen brine shrimp every...
  20. C

    Oscar eating mud dauber

    My Oscar just ate a mud dauber that managed to get close to the tank and I just want to make sure it’ll be okay or not ? If not is there anything I can do?