1. A

    For Sale  2 large tiger oscars for 30 dollars for the pair

    Great looking albino and normal black oscar!!!! Healthy and great colors
  2. A

    For Sale  Large oscars for sale

    I have one albino and one regular tiger oscar!!!! Open to price
  3. C

    Stocking an aquarium

    Hey guys I have been keeping fish for many years but haven’t really ventured into large tanks due to space constraints. We are now moving house and there is a fish room that I will be setting up with this tank as my showcase tank. Basically just wondering what kind of fish you guys would...
  4. R

    For Sale  Selling my whole setup.

    125 Gal tank and stand one year old. Comes with hood and lights. Silver Aro about 20 inches Tiger Oscar about a year old about 8 Inches all food for both. Fluval 305 I also have a few loose items such as brand new overhead filters that I bought as backup in case. Please text me at 954-999-2223
  5. X

    Is this HITH?

    My oscar had this nasal erosion for more than 10 days. Wounds obtained from jumping around are healing but this one is not. The nasal hole a little bigger and i starting to think that it is HITH? Im doing 50% WC twice a week. Water parameters all fine.
  6. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  4’’ Tiger Oscar

    I have a 4’’ tiger Oscar that is healthy and has a very large appetite, looking for a new home.
  7. N

    silver Arowana tank mates

    Hey guys, i purchased a silver arowana over a month ago and he is about 7" now so still juvenile. I have him/her in a 75 gal tank for now, and im quite aware that i will need to upgrade soon. Today i purchased an Oscar that is about 8-9" so about the size of my hand and larger than the Aro. i...
  8. LBDave

    Splitting Up The Oscars (a story)

    For those that appreciate the behavior of oscars: As I have posted before I have 4 oscars. They grew up together since they were about 1.5". Now they are about 7" and I have moved them to a larger tank. The tank was not what I ordered. It's smaller than expected. (Which is a whole other...
  9. A

    Oscar Swollen Stomach

    Hi All, I have 3 Oscar fishes of about 10" long in my 5 feet tank. Around 3 weeks back I have noticed one of the oscar's stomach was swollen slightly, initially i thought that was normal but the swelling has been increasing since then. The fish is not active as before, but to my surprise it is...
  10. LBDave

    How much ammonia do fish produce?

    I doubt anybody is going to be able to show me how to calculate or estimate how much ammonia will be created daily from a populated aquarium. Too many variables. Fish size, type feeding etc. But I was wondering about ball park figures. Anything based on some sort of testing or fact. Not...
  11. D

    FS 3 Oscar Fish 8" $75 Pick Up UNCC Charlotte, NC

    1 lutino? and 1 tiger both about 8", and the other tiger is 6" (might be stunted as I bought all 3 together and this one is not growing like the others). I am in the process of upgrading my tank but will not include these guys as they destroy my plants, and beat up other tank mates. Diet...
  12. Reaperxvii

    Adding a lemon oscar to a 125 with Peacock Cichlid's

    Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've posted here. Just had a quick Question that I can't seem to find an answer to on google. I have an established Peacock Cichlid 125 (Will add some pictures). At this point I've honestly forgotten how many are in there but the species are Dragon blood,swallow...
  13. Death03

    Oscar possible longterm tankmates?

    So after around ~4 years of hiatus from fish keeping I'm planning to go back again. I have found my old aquariums in the garage and will set it up again. So I'll be setting up a 70g (48x18x18.5) main tank and will be having a 33g (30x16x16) sump filter. I would like two have two oscars there...
  14. Serpentine

    Stocking A Monster Tank

    We are about to build a 750 gallon monster tank. It will be 10 feet long, 4 feet deep and 30 inches high as planned. Acrylic if we can swing it. Glass is too heavy and the risk of breakage spooks us. I could use a bit of help with part of the stocking. We already have most of the fish...
  15. CharlesMTF

    Stringy Poop

    I have my albino oscar with some stringy poop. I had already put him in a quarantine tank before seeing the poop due to being picked on by another fish (or so that's what it seemed, from nipped fins). Oscar is about 2.5". In a 75 gallon (48x18), with a JD, 5 silver dollars, and 5 S. juruparis...
  16. Zak03

    Confused about Oscar death?

    So, I've had this red oscar for a few months. Since around the beginning of December. This dude was a beast of a fish. He was a juvenile. He has lived through an ich infestation, lived in a tank while it was being cycled, and has outlived two other juvenile tiger Oscars. He's never shown any...
  17. B

    Sponge filter for jardini arowana and oscar tank

    Hello MFK members, ive been fishkeeping for a while now so i think im ready to get a bigger tank, I was planning on starting a 6 foot long 125 gal with a jardini arowana and maybe adding an oscar or two down the road.. my question is would a 2 sponge filters rated for 125 gallons work for the...
  18. LBDave

    Luther Photo Op

    Took a little time off work. Cleaned the tank. Grabbed the camera. Photos taken with a zoom. Swear he knows I am taking his picture. Is this a dog or a fish? GOOD BOY LUTHER
  19. B

    New Oscar Keeper

    I bought a 60 gallon tank because it was mega cheap (price matched from an online shop that had it on sale $200 off, whoop whoop) and I'm now planning what to put in it. I think I've decided that I would really like an Oscar. I've been doing my research and so far have learned that 60 gallons is...
  20. J

    Oscar fin problem.

    My long finned oscar has damage to his right fin. Sorry best picture I could get. Just did a water change. Conditions are all optimal. He has energy and appetite but is very pale. I dosed with pimafix as it looked to me like possible fungal infection. Not sure the cause but possibly my Bichir...