1. C

    HELP Albino Oscar is barrel rolling

    Tank Tank Volume: 125 gallon Tank has been running for about a week Filter:Fluval fx4 Heater: hyyger 500w heater and 100w marineland visi-therm Temperature: 78 Fahrenheit Stocking: 2 oscars and 1 electric blue jack dempsey Maintenance Water changes: once every week I do 75% water changes Water...
  2. V

    Gar and Oscar?

    Hello so right now I have 2 oscars both 5-6 inches and when my pond was done cycling I was going to put them in there with a florida gar 12-14 inches should I worry?
  3. Benthebassmaster

    How much fish In a 125 gallon tank

    Can a gt, jd, Oscar and a Bichir be in a 125 gallon tank. Also if their is anymore fish to keep with it what would it be
  4. LBDave

    Tetra Krill

    I feed FD krill to my pbass and sometimes my oscars. Silver dollars and Jurupari's also eat it. They love the Tera krill. But none of my fish will eat any other type/ brand of krill. The smell must be involved. After they have spit it out the first time they will not touch again. Days...
  5. J

    Spiny Eel suggestions with Oscar?

    I have a 75 gallon South American tank. It’s stocked with a tiger Oscar, 2XL electric blue acara, a chocolate cichlid and a bristle nose. The tanks is over filtered to 750 gallons per hour (Marineland 375 HOB and Marineland 360 canister) to keep the bio load in check. I wanted to add an “odd”...
  6. J

    Oscars with green eyes?!

    Do bumblebee oscars usually have green eyes? Or are the ones at predatory fins the only ones and the price can be justified?
  7. H

    Holy crap this guy built a giant cichlid aquarium

    So this aquarium is definitely crazy, but what I really liked and want to do is keep live plants with my Oscars, Dempsey, Vieja and Lima. Currently I have them in a 180 and my Oscars always destroy my attempt at live plants...how big of a tank would I need for them to leave them alone?
  8. F

    215 gallon fish suggestions

    hey! i'm setting up a new 6 feet by 2.5 feet by 2 feet 215 gallon aquarium with a 120 gallon tank as a sump. fully cycled , currenly have a oscar, pleco, and a RES turtle, 3 severums, 5 convicts . any ideas for more fish in the future? BTW here's my aquarium channel where i will post a video...
  9. M

    200 gallon stocking

    Hello, I'm almost finished plumbing my 200 gallon to its 75 gallon sump. Sump will have 2 7" sock filters, sponges in the baffles, and 1/4 to 1/3 of the sump will hold bio balls. I'll have an fx6 on the 200g as well. For stocking I'm definitely going with 2 oscars. For tankmates I was...
  10. karpomatic

    Adding Oscars?

    This is my 125 gallon mostly South American cichlid tank. The aquarium is filtered with a 48 gallon custom sump that turns over about 2000 gph. I'll add my stock list below. I was thinking of adding an Oscar or two. Thoughts? 1 Festuvum 1 Geophagus Winemilleri 5 Uaru 2 Blue Acara 1 Royal...
  11. Zachk29

    Oscar Eggs

    This is about the fourth time my Oscar pair has laid eggs without success the eggs haven’t looked like this before the passed three times. I know the eggs should be tan/brown it’s hard to tell exactly what color these eggs are. It’s been about 24 hours not sure exactly how long it takes for the...
  12. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Jardini, Midas, Oscar, Redtail Catfish For Sale

    Jardini: $200 Color: Beautiful greenish gold color Length: 12” He lost one eye during shipping. But, it is all healed. It does not effect his overall health. Diet: anything from pellet to frozen. Not a picky eater at all. Red Tiger Oscar: $50 each Length: 9-10" Diet: anything from pellet to...
  13. A

    My 2 albino oscars are floating at the top together...

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a situation and really need some advice on how to help my 2 albino oscars. They are currently in a 55 gallon tank as they are still small (we are getting a 100+ tank soon). I also have 1 tiger oscar and 2 jack dempsey in the tank. There is 1 jack dempsey that is aggressive...
  14. F

    oscar with angelfish

    hi! i have a tiger oscar ( not agresive) in a 300 gallon and want to add some angelfish (around 16 adults ) to the tank, but not sure if that is possible. the 300 gallon tank has a lot of hiding spots and has very good filtration( capable of supporting a 2000 gallon) any thoughts on this
  15. M

    Any anti-sloshing ideas for transporting fish via car?

    I am moving this Friday (~6.5 hrs) and transporting my 9 inch Oscar. I have a 35gal Rubbermaid tote with lid as well as a battery powered air stone. I am mostly worried about the effects of sloshing on the safety of my fish. Does anyone have experience with this type of move or have any ideas...
  16. D

    Oscar’s fins turning black

    Just trying to make sure nothing is wrong with my Oscar, I’ve had him for a few months now and I noticed the last couple weeks his fins have started to turn black. I bought him under the impression that he was an albino Oscar, however after looking up my issue, I read this a normal thing for...
  17. C

    Oscar Pair tank size

    I am looking to get a pair of Oscars for my soon to be built studio. I am wondering if a tank with the dimensions of 4.9 ft x 1.8 ft x 1.6 ft tall. The volume would be 109ish gallons. Sorry, I understand how these dimensions are kinda weird but I'm used to working in the metric system lol. I...
  18. agent1207

    Odd Aggression Behaviour.

    Over the course of a year absolutely no violent behaviour from the Jaguar Cichlid, until a couple of days ago where the Jaguar cichlid would non-stop continually attack an Oscar. The Oscar is now separated to allow it to heal. This is where the odd behaviour part of the question begins. I...
  19. A

    For Sale  Three 7"-8" Tiger/Red Oscars

    3 tiger-red oscars. They are 7"-8" inches each and have been raised on pellets. Los Angeles area. $25 each. Would prefer to sell as a group.
  20. F

    120 Gallon Stocking

    Hello Everyone, I recently got a 4x2x2 (120g/450l) And i'm not sure what to put in it. I have a firemouth cichlid that has to go in it but i dont really want a "community tank" so to say. My ideal stocking would be 2: Firemouth 3: Pictus Cats 1: Firemouth 1: Oscar Tbh i really want a large...