1. riuqlav

    Problems with overflow too slow

    I'm trying to do this overflow system: So I found some flexible pipe for a good price and a diagonal T PVC pipe. (Ignore the grey tube, is my current filtration) I filled the tube till the top, and suck the air out of the first curve, making the siphon until the T joint. I positioned the T...

    How to measure bottom panel thickness?

    Hi, I know it's a somewhat weird question. But does anyone have a way to measure the thickness of the bottom panel of a tank? The tank has a bottom trim that is glued on so it isn't visible from the side. I can measure the side thickness and assume they're the same, but one can only be so sure...
  3. E

    Establishing New Tank 110g - Need Recommendations on Setup

    Hello, Need some advice with setting up a new 110g acrylic uniaquarium tank (overflow built into the back of the tank). I have a 55g that I have been running on a cannister filter for years and just acquired this locally. Would love to get advice and recommendations on the following: Quietest...
  4. K

    HOB Overflow Question

    I have a 125 gallon that I'd love to switch to a sump (instead of a canister). However, I keep my water level about 6 inches lower than the top of the tank (I have mudskippers and they need some room above water). Is there a ready made HOB overflow that is big enough (or can be set up for) a...
  5. W

    Designing a sump for my 180 Gallon tank

    Hi FISH TANK PEOPLES i just got a 180 gallon tank with a built in overflow box and i'm asking for your help to designing a sump because i don't want to screw anything up. i need help mostly with the placement and size of the baffles. i don't want a refugium. something like this will work...
  6. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  7. DanielAro501

    Overflow filter problems/ Need Recommendations

    So I recently received a 72’’x18’’x24’’ tank that was for saltwater so it is drilled and has the pillars around the tubing, it has 3 sets of grates, but only the top ones are open, making it a overflow filter. I understand this great for saltwater because of the current thats always in the...
  8. H

    Sump and overflow size

    Hello I have a question I just bought a 380 gallon acrylic aquarium (crystal clear )used and it has one 1 1/2 over flow from the factory do you think that is enough and how much water can I put threw it thanks
  9. A

    [Advice] Overflow for a 530gal Plywood Tank

    Hello All, I have no idea what I am doing.... No, I kid, but this is the first time I've built a tank this big. This build is a mixture of DIY and trying out new products/technologies. I've built the tank (8' x 4' x 3') out of 2x4s and 3/4 plywood. But I wanted a massive sump and external...
  10. GoldFinger

    Coast to Coast Overflow Advice Please!!

    Hey Guys I have a customs tank being built 84"x30"x28" and was going to use 2 fluval FX6's but have been swayed by almost everyone to do a sump. I'm planning on having an Arowana and possibly discus and a ray. My thought is to do a coast to coast overflow with the bean animal method. Here are my...
  11. jvc66

    180 gallon filtration setup

    So I am in the process of getting ready to move to a new house and decided that I am going to upgrade to a 180 gallon acrylic tank for the ease of moving again in the next few years. I will be building my own stand to support the tank. I am now In the process of planning on how the filtration...
  12. mapledalemolossers

    Filter media Inside Overflow

    Has anyone considered increasing your filter surface area by installing media of some kind in your overflow? I just setup my new aquarium and feel that the space is wasted. I measured out about 4 gallons in each overflow box. Seems like I could put a couple of gallons of 10ppm sponge in there...
  13. D

    Internal overflow filter for 330 gal - Need experienced advice.

    Hello guys and gals, for last few weeks I've been working on design of my upcoming aquarium and filtration system. Is there anyone with lots of experience with overflow filters? This is version 8 :D Aquarium size will be 225x90x60 from which 25x90x60 will be the filter here's diagram, so you...