parasite medication

  1. H

    Need help identifying parasite

    I have a 53 gallon tank with one pumpkinseed and one bluegill, both taken from the same pond at the same time, about 3 weeks ago. Tank is cycled and has been running for 6+ weeks using the fishless cycling process; my ammonia and nitrites have been 0ppm for 2+ weeks, while nitrates are generally...
  2. sbloxy123

    Internal Parasite help - treatment in process

    Hi there, I hope everyone is well :) I'm trying to treat my Gold Saum who has stopped eating now for about 2 weeks now and is moping around the tank. Can someone help me please? Below is some info - any advice would be massively grateful !! Symptoms: Swimming lethargically but still able...
  3. Jakec96

    Ram cichlids with ich

    Hi all! I have a 30 gallon tank with a pair of German Blue Rams, 25 (ish) Neon Tetras, and 1 Powder Blue Gourami. For filtration I'm using 2 AC 50s and 1 AC 30. Heating with the new version of Aqueon pro set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank is newly setup maybe a few weeks but is completely...
  4. Plec123

    How to kill parasitic copepods

    I recently acquired a larger wildcaught L350 pleco and he seems to be having a tough time acclimating to my tank. Hanging out at the surface, breathing fast, blowing bubbles, etc. Params are fine, pH around 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <30ppm, temp 77. I believe part of this stress is...
  5. Jakec96

    Treatment for internal parasites.

    Hi, I have a 12 inch Rivulatus in a 90 gallon tank with 2 plecos. The tank is being filtered by 2 Aquaclear 110s. I'm using a 250 watt aqueon pro heater set to about 78° Fahrenheit. Lots of big water changes and I'm currantly feeding (or at least trying to feed) Fluval bug bites pleco and...