1. amazontank

    5,000 gallon pool

    MFK legends I am thinking of getting this pool for my Payara and put the thing in my living room! I really could use some advice from your guys... 5,000 gallon pool 16'X4' I was gonna get one of those hang on filters that trickle down maybe have a sump on it and put the beast of a tank in my...
  2. Bryan Crownover

    I think I have an Armatus but I'm not sure

    Anyone more advanced in IDing help me confirm this is an Armatus? I tried to use the ID guides but I can't figure it out 100%. Got him yesterday and he's already eaten a rosy red and a convict.
  3. freshfishin727

    Update video of my main display and grow out

    Tell me what you all think.
  4. amazontank

    2' Payara Armatus (Mad Max)

    Max has been swimming around his tank looking madder than usual tonight hahaha actually it is looking like he is about to loose another fang, it's been taking awhile for this tooth so he is looking cooler than usual tonight.
  5. amazontank

    2' Armatus Payara San Diego $800 OBO

    2' Armatus Payara San Diego $800 OBO Eats sardines and fish fillets stuffed with hikari pellets raised from baby in absolute perfect condition!
  6. J

    My 16" Killer Hoplias Malabaricus

    Here it is eating a live mouse, this guys is nothing to mess with.
  7. shivam

    Will someone identify this species of Payara for me.

    I bought a Payara and it was sold as a Armatus. Will someone conform this for me.
  8. shivam

    Payara has a broken fang

    I've noticed my 6inch Armatus's fang is broken and bent inwards. Is this a normal thing that happens or should I be worried?
  9. shivam

    Payara Tips (Armatus)

    So I finally bought my dream fish for my 100gal. A armatus payara, its about 3inches and its looks amazing. Just wondering if anyone has any care tips or "do's and don'ts". I did as much research as I can but I'm sure I can get better info from someone who owns or owned one.