peacock bass

  1. Lukanani guy

    Freshwater Fishing El Niño ( Rain Fishing )

    Hey guys it's me! Went fishing Dec 5th during major flooding here in s. Fl. Busted out with the hands-free Umbrella and hit the golf course,1 Bass 4 peacock bass seen some carp too and one actually came up and hit the lure..I'm using 1 3/4" Rebel minnow in gold which i modified by removing the...
  2. teyez

    Columbian Peacock bass i.d

    These were imported from a columbian shipment . They have red at the bottom of the tail and I can see red and gold on there fins . Any idea which cichla species they are ? Maybe kelberi or azuls? They are maybe around 6 inches . Thanks mates !!
  3. A

    Peacock Bass **Price Drop*

    We have 6 Very large peacock bass $150 each Click below for a video
  4. a_dilshan

    My Monoculus and Tank mates

    here's a couple of pics of my monoculus and Others
  5. heatherbeast

    Rio Araguaia Growout Thread!

    Hi all, A few weeks ago, I posted a "What's in the Box?" thread. This is the growout thread for the same trio of kelberi that I picked up from Mark at Discus Origins. These are the first wild-caught peacock bass I have had the pleasure to grow out, and I can already see some pretty big...
  6. C

    WTB 4" peacock bass. Georgia

    Hello, I'm looking for a peacock bass in the 4 inch range. I would prefer a temensis but open to others of course. He has to be in that size range for tank compatibility. If someone wants to ship, great. I have a 225 gallon tank with a 70+ gallon sump with excellent filtration, so he would be...