peacock bass

  1. S

    Peacock bass w/ Curved back

    Aquarium set up: 240 Gallon 2 Fx6 Canisters I just performed a water change when I got the below picture Once very eager to eat and now is not How can I treat him and make him overall more healthy?
  2. A

    For Sale  Fish for sale

    3 Oscar’s all between 5-7 inches 1-lemon Oscar $65 1-Ruby red Oscar $50 1-albino tiger $50 Don’t know sexes of any fish 1-mono peacock bass about 8-9 inches $175 1-redtail catfish about 10 inches $100 located in Colonia nj Text me at 201-620-1643 thanks
  3. C

    For Sale  Cichlids For Sale *** SoCal

    Let me know if you’re interested. Trying to make some room for growing fish. Located in Burbank CA 91506 Text me if interested 818.599.5010 Two 6 inch synaspilum viejas ($50 each) One 8 inch pike (most likely xingu 1 maybe a red pike)($130) Two 14+ inch azul peacock bass ($200 each) One 13+...
  4. P

    Anybody in the Syracuse New York area?

    Looking for enthusiasts near Syracuse to enjoy the hobby with and possibly make some deals
  5. P

    Looking for pbass

    Upstate New York area!
  6. C

    For Sale  FS: Monster Azul Peacock Bass

    I have two azul peacock bass about 15 to 17 inch each. Asking $500 for both fish. Local pick up only. Located in Burbank CA 91506.
  7. T

    New 300 Gallon tank....looking for Ideas

    Hello all! I am new to the forums and looking for insights and ideas. Little background: I have had aquariums my whole life, all around the 55 - 100 gallon sizes. Had big catfish before, but mostly deal in the cichlid arena. Currently I only have one 100-gallon tank with haps and peacocks. They...
  8. A

    Cichla Fogo (Marinae)

    Hey guys. Quick question I’m currently interested in cichla fogo but I don’t find any particular information about their size in the Aquarium some say 2ft others say 20 inch. Maybe some of you guys is keeping them and could tell me some of your experience. Thanks
  9. bassinmike85

    For Sale  Peacock Bass Pinima (5 of them)

    Thinning out some of my Pinimas. Fully pellet trained. eye ballin they are 8"-10". have 3 (typo in the title, sorry) for sale. Asking $150 each. Located in fremont ca Feel free to text me 510-557-5311 if interested.
  10. K

    FREE  Wtb Xingu Peacock Bass

    Wtb some Xingu peacock bass, can pick up in central cal. Would pay for shipping on smaller fish. thanks
  11. 4

    A few of my Peacock Bass

    Sorry for the blurry pics, but damn, these guys move! All are between 7-9 inches and doing well. I have a few more young ones I recently acquired in a grow out tank. I'll share those after they are settled in and eating regularly. Kelberi Orino Blackberry (Purchased from Predatory Fins and...
  12. S

    Is this real FOGO ?

    Hey guys u i just wanna ask if this is real fogo @bassinmike85 hello sir can you help me identify this fogo real or fake , thankyouu
  13. U

    For Sale  Monster Fish (Chicago)

    Peacock bass (kelberi) 10-12” : $350 Peacock bass (kelberi) 6”: $150 Black diamond (75%) hybrid female 6”: $600 Tiger Oscar 10”: $30 Albino Oscar (95% white) 10”: $100 Dovii (mated pair: male 12” and female 6”): $200 Kamfa Flowerhorn male 6” (aggressive): $250 Red dragon/zz hybrid Flowerhorn...
  14. fishmarket

    Peacock bass ID?

    Sold as temensis but looks like pinima? Please help ID. Also I've read that tems and pinimas are close to each others max size anyway?
  15. G

    Azul Peacock Bass and xingu I pike cichlid??

    Hello new to the forum… and bass. I have an Azul that’s about 8” in a 55 grow out. He’s moving to a 150 (72” x 18” x 29”) next week. I found someone who is getting rid of a xingu I pike cichlid that’s 9”. Anyone have any experience keeping the two species together? From what I can gather online...
  16. C

    FREE  Looking for exotics around bay area

    Looking for any big exotics for offers The ones for sure im looking for are Temensis or fogo bass Tigrinus cat Goliath tiger fish Mbu puffer Atlantic tarpon Thanks let me know
  17. mtuttle02

    For Sale  14” Jardini Arowana $200 Tacoma, Wa

    Hello- I’m looking to rehome my Jar and possibly Peacock Bass. All are eating shrimp soaked in vitachem and pellets. The Jar has turned aggressive in the past 2 weeks so that is the reason for rehoming. Local pick up only. Jardini 14” $200 Azul 13” $50 Ocellaris 10” $25 Motivated so please...
  18. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for peacock bass and Geophagus in Oregon or Washington

    Looking for peacock bass or geophagus preferably butterfly or royal peacock bass but open to others! Cash on hand. Give me your price and location