peacock bass

  1. S

    Anyone Ever Seen This Before?

    I picked this 6 inch Kelberi up at my LFS and it has no patterns! Has anyone ever seen a peacock bass like this before? It’s currently acclimating in my 250g right now.
  2. Blakewater

    How Many Cichla Would You Stock in This Tank?

    No serious advice is needed but I wanted to hear some of our communities thoughts on this. I can't ask this question on any other group, however, due to the fact I'll get a bunch of unintelligible answers that're way off. So here's the question: How many Peacock Bass would you stock long term...
  3. breman_sreyas

    Which kinda p.bass TEMENSIS or Spotted Azul

    Help me to identify if it's spotted Azul or temensis
  4. Miks786

    PB growout thread

    Hey guys, so since I lost all my PB I decided to start with small ones again...They were sold to me as Monoculus bass so will have to wait and see...They are between 5 to 7cm each(total of 9) They are in a 4foot growout now and will eventually go into a 800gallon tank... Will let them settle...
  5. J

    Help!! Peacock bass not eating, spitting out its food!

    Hi, so i’ve recently had an ich outbreak due to some datnoids which i should’ve quaranteed and have treated the tank for around 2 weeks with ichx. I had 3 tememsis bass which were all monstrous eaters in the beginnig but slowly 2 of them stopped eating and exhibited the same symptoms and went...
  6. Blakewater

    For Sale  18-20" Pinima Peacock Bass BAY AREA

    Selling my pair of big Pinima Peacock Bass. These guys are thiiiick and other than the dorsal fin damage they came with they are perfect gems. I'd weigh these guys at at least a 5lbs each. Both are around 18" maybe a bit more. Eating pellets like crazy and gorgeous colour. Trying to sell as a...
  7. B

    Azul baby indigestion

    I have 3inch Azul babies of 7 in a 3feet tank.... Last night i feeded chicken for all .... Usually the next day all the basses stomach will become normal.... But one bass stomach is still bulged, Is that indigestion problem or any other thing i have to worry about? Activities are normal and...
  8. F

    peacock bass with angelfish

    can i keep peacock bass with 40 adult angelfish in a 400 gallon aquarium?
  9. S

    Want to Buy  Peacock bass

    Hey I am looking forward to buy some peacock basses. I am mainly looking for some juveniles but message me for more info if you have anything else.
  10. agent1207

    Odd Aggression Behaviour.

    Over the course of a year absolutely no violent behaviour from the Jaguar Cichlid, until a couple of days ago where the Jaguar cichlid would non-stop continually attack an Oscar. The Oscar is now separated to allow it to heal. This is where the odd behaviour part of the question begins. I...
  11. Blakewater

    The Suriname Cichla Growout Thread

    Finally received my highly anticipated package from our import lord, Wes. Got two 3" wild Sp. Brokopondo and one 3.5" Rio Suriname C. Temensis. I actually broke my rule of not buying bass under 5" for these guys so I figured I'd use the opportunity to start a growout thread and track their...
  12. gotin20

    For Sale  Short body peacock bass

    Selling a rare short body peacock bass around 10 inch big You don’t have to worry for a big tank with a fish like this!
  13. P

    Want to Buy  Looking for peacock bass in nyc area

    Looking for peacock bass in nyc area
  14. V

    Fish Room Build Thread

    So it begins A long dream of mine is realizing in front of my eyes as we speak. After a couple of years planning, buying a new house and not least hard negotiations with my significant other I can finally commence the building of my new fish room. General overview Large tank - 750 gallon...
  15. Blakewater

    Cichla Feeding Schedules?

    Just wanted to hear what people are using as a feeding regimen for their Cichla. What're you currently feeding? How big are your bass? How long have you been following that food plan? How does it compare to other feeding patterns you've used? Or anything else you can think of sharing in the...
  16. DanielKeepFishes


    Someone help me identify my peacock bass. Was told it was a shortbody Orino. Any objections? Can someone also help me sex it? Male or Female? I know sexing pbass is hard at a young age, but im guessing its a female ?If you need more pictures just tell me. Thanks lots.
  17. jackthefishmaster

    Is my peacock a Cichla Temensis or Cichla Azul?

    It was sold as a Cichla Temensis but the coloration and some blue colors in the fish are making me wonder whether it actually is a Temensis or an Azul. I attached the picture, it had a massive meal just before the picture that's why its so fat. The coloration of the fish in real life is...
  18. agent1207

    Peacock Bass ID Help?!

    Can anyone help ID the peacock bass in the pictures? His temperament is much different than my other peacock bass. For example this guy is extremely fast especially when feeding is that normal? (fast as in, when I put food he has an explosive reaction and snatches up the food before any other...
  19. P

    Cichla bunch

    Very new here and just wanted to ask a few things to beef up my cichlas. Been giving them chicken heart and shrimps since day 1. Just wanted to ask a few other options to maximize their growth and enhance their colors? Attached their pictures 😁
  20. Blakewater

    Broko/Pinima Update

    Just posting a little update of my bass in the 550g. I’ve once again gone through another round of thinning out any growouts and bass I was not fully dedicated to. The final four will be my long term projects but I’ve also left a bit of room for an intermedia pair, (if the moon and stars align...