peacock bass

  1. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Pinima

    Looking to buy Pinima Bass any size from 5" to 12". Let me know if anyone has any lines on one of even a few of them :grinyes: Appreciate it in advance! Thanks guys!
  2. Jush


    Fish for sale; I'm open to offers on induvidual fish, groups of fish, or the whole lot. All sizes are approx, WhatsApp - 07523 218429 Location - North West UK, Preston/ Blackpool Collection, Shipping or possible drop off on ALL FISH! Longfin "Platinum" Senegal Bichir - BOUGHT AS PLATINUM...
  3. Blakewater

    Aaaand Now I’m “Broko”

    Just got these three gorgeous guys in! Including one 11-12” BEAST. I’m in love with them, they’re a perfect final addition to my 550g stock.
  4. C

    For Sale  WtB: Peacock Bass and Arowana

    Looking for all kinds of peacock bass, arowanas, gars, goonch, Rays, bowfin etc
  5. Blakewater

    New Wild Bois

    Just got back from the airport and finished acclimating these new additions. Fresh out of Columbia. A little stressed but I can already tell they’re ganna be gorgeous. Courtesy of Josh Tanks 👌
  6. LCT8

    Does peacock bass Temensis lose their spots when they grow bigger?

    Title says it all, I seem to see a lot of temensis pbass with less spots when they are big and more spots when they are around 20-30cm is this true?
  7. Kingrancher2011

    For Sale  Pinima peacock bass 14”

    Looking to trade my Pinima for other peacock bass. Pellet trained
  8. M

    For Sale  19 inch Temensis peacock bass.

    I have 2 19 inch Temensis peacock bass for sale. I’m asking $200 for both. I’m downsizing my current stock to be able to put in smaller fish. Thanks. Prefer to sell together. One is male and the other is female.
  9. Blakewater

    FREE  Rio Meta Cichla Orinocensis 94928

    Giving away 1x 6" Orino Bass, he refuses to eat anything but feeders and I can't break him to even begin eating tilapia or shrimp. I won't risk bringing Ick into my tank and more so don't want to rewind the progress Ive made converting all my other bass. At this point he's very thin and needs...
  10. Blakewater

    The 550 Beast Is Up and Running 😁

    Finally finished setting up the 9x4 for my bass. A little cloudy because I reused the cycled sand from two other tanks and filter media but it’s so beautiful and I’m so happy my bass will have all the extra room to swim. Right now they’re acting like they don’t even know what to do with all the...
  11. H

    What type of peacock bass is this?

    I have a 10" peacock in a 75 gallon and I've been trying to identify what type of peacock bass he is for a long time. I've looked at pictures online and nothing really matches and I want to know how big his type can get. Here are some pictures.
  12. F

    latest Monster Stock list

    Below Is the Full list, we ship fedex & cargo. message us on facebook, email and call us ~ Arowana Size Availabilty Price Albino Silver 3"-4" $150 5"-6" L.S. $180 8"-10" N/A 12"+ N/A 15"-16" L.S. $1,500 Short Body Albino Silver...
  13. Blakewater

    Update Of My Growouts And Their Soon-To-Be 550G Upgrade

    Just sharing an update of my stock. Currently all between 5”-9”. Amazing how good water quality and high level foods are bringing out their colors. They’re super active and loving life but it’s time for them to get even more room and I don’t like waiting to upgrade so I just purchased a...
  14. U

    Peacock bass not eating pellets

    Tank info- 90 gal. Water parameters perfect with ideal temperature Tank has a 12 inch silver aro with a 4 inch monocolus pb(recently bought 3 days before) (earlier there were 2, 1 was killed by the other and aro)... Both don't have any problems with each other the pb doesn't fear the aro...
  15. A

    For Sale  Cichla Pinima

    Anyone selling Pinima Peacock bass and willing to ship ? Under 5” preferred but open to any size. Any leads as to where i can get them please let me know. Txt 720485821six
  16. Blakewater

    Cichla Orimensis And Cichla Temezul

    Just got a few new additions today. Two wild caught 6” Temensis Orino hybrid bass and one 5.5” Temensis Azul hybrid. The Temezul is in emergency quarantine right now as it apparently did not handle the journey well and I’m hoping it pulls through. The Orimensis are already flourishing but are...
  17. Rell XV

    Making my Kelberi Less Skittish Need Help

    Currently I have 5 golden Kelberi Bass ranging from 6"-8" in length. They're housed in a 1000 gallon aquarium with lots of plastic plants and hiding spots in the tank. Their only other tankmates are an Oscar about 7", a Green Severum around 11", a Managuense around 13", a Endlicheri around 18"...
  18. Blakewater

    Little Piece Of The Amazon

    The 325 finished cycling and getting set up. I transferred over my bois in the growout and they flared up in color from happiness! It’s so nice seeing them be happy. Right now it’s got 2x Xingu, 2x Rio Negro Orinos (the deep red eyed one is named Demon),1x Azul (named Blueberry), and one...
  19. gotin20

    For Sale  Peacock bass100$

    I have 5 peacock basses for sale around 12 inch big one is Kelbari 2Azuls Melaniea and paquati 100$ each
  20. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Cichla Mirianae / Cichla Pinima

    Looking for someone who has one or both of the above mentioned Cichla under 8". Either in Northern CA or who is willing to ship. Price is not an issue. Thanks for looking! :grinyes: