1. FuriousFish

    Foods to try with a picky bass

    I have 3 bass, I got them off craigslist of all places for next to nothing, they were in sort of rough shape when I got them but have cleared up nicely and are totally settled in. 2 are between 14-16 inches and the third one is a bit smaller at around 10-11 inches if I had to guess. The small...
  2. FuriousFish

    Can I get an ID on these bass?

    I picked these guys up the other day for 20 bucks each, they are a little rough around the edges. The small one is blind in one eye, the darker one has clouded eyes, and the big guy has the early stages of HITH. I’ve had them for a couple days now and they do seem to be improving a bit already...
  3. L

    Peacock Not Eating!

    I have 3 peacock bass in a 20 gallon aquarium, (grow out tank) 2 of them about 2 1/2 inches long and one about 1 1/2 inches and I’ve had them for about a month maybe, and I’m feeding them bloodworms everyday, but the smallest one won’t eat them anymore. At first he was the only one that ate...
  4. jackthefishmaster

    Is my peacock a Cichla Temensis or Cichla Azul?

    It was sold as a Cichla Temensis but the coloration and some blue colors in the fish are making me wonder whether it actually is a Temensis or an Azul. I attached the picture, it had a massive meal just before the picture that's why its so fat. The coloration of the fish in real life is...
  5. S

    Help sexing peacock cichlid

    Hey another post sorry! I was hoping someone could help me Sex this fish as well. At times the anal fin looks rounded and at other times its looks sharp at the end. I tried checking manually but I wasn’t too sure on the results, his coloration makes it hard. He/ she also has egg spots. Please...
  6. S

    Is this a female or male OB?

    Hey just wondering if this new peacock I got is a male of female. I’m on edge about both options, the fin looks rounded so I’d say female but it’s also been aggressive towards my alpha male. Let me know!
  7. T

    Peacock Cichlid Growth rates

    Hey everyone, Long does it take for Peacock Cichlids on average to get to 1-2 inches after losing their egg sacks? I realize water changes, quality, and space all make a difference and because of that Ill lay out my plan. If I have a holding female, I would either strip her or relocate her into...
  8. T

    OB Peacock Cichlids breeding

    Hey guys! This question has probably been asked a billion times but I'll ask again just because I can't find it anywhere online. What two subspecies of African cichlids breed to create OB or RB peacocks? I can take the wild card guess and assume you take a yellow one and breed it with a blue...
  9. S

    Tank Mates for Pbass

    I have a 2-inch mono peacock bass in 50G grow out tank and he isn't eating pellets and it's come to my attention that if he had a friend/ feeding trainer to help him be more aggressive and eat the pellets. Does anyone have any good ideas for what species I could put in there with him to help him...
  10. S

    Help Feeding :(

    Hello! this is my first post on this site and I'm making it in disparity. I recently acquired a peacock bass and everything has been going great so far other than one thing, feeding. He's only about two inches big and won't eat anything other than frozen blood worms. I have tried pellets, krill...
  11. Adam GR

    Electric blue - fryeri/ahli/hybrid/peacock

    Hi guys Can you please, have a look on my 6in electric blue and answer simple question. What is that fish. It has scianochromis fryeri colors but aulonocara body shape. A lot will say its "ahli" but even on this forum I've read that trua Ahli not really existing in hooby. I've found some info...
  12. Adam GR

    Mystery - colorful female aulonocara?

    Hi Ok so here is my Eureka which looks pretty much lika a nice matureing male too me. 3 days ago I've seen this fish danceing with another male, from next day hat fish stop eating and it looks like she have eggs in mouth. I am fully aware that hormoned fishes can keep some of male color but did...
  13. Jush

    Want to Buy  Azul Peacock Bass

    Looking for Azul Peacock Bass either 3-5 inch or 8-14 inch, if you have a size not listed still let me know, may be able to work something out. I'm from the North-West of the UK, in Preston/ Blackpool (PR3) I can often collect, as prefer not to ship bass due to friends having dead on arrivals...
  14. Ashan Kavinda

    Peacock Bass ( Cichla )

    Peacock Bass ( Cichla ) Need Your Support Follow & Share “mfk_srilanka” on Instagram Official IG Account for my #Fish_Photography
  15. V

    For Sale  Below water group order

    Hoping to order a group of 8 wild caught cichla kelberi. Im only looking to keep 6 of them. If anyone in the GTA is interested in the other 2 please let me know. Shipping is $75 for entire box and will be divided according to number of fish. Let me know if you are interested. Hoping to bring...
  16. Reaperxvii

    Adding a lemon oscar to a 125 with Peacock Cichlid's

    Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've posted here. Just had a quick Question that I can't seem to find an answer to on google. I have an established Peacock Cichlid 125 (Will add some pictures). At this point I've honestly forgotten how many are in there but the species are Dragon blood,swallow...
  17. ROY1204

    For Sale  Peacock Bass for sale

  18. Hybridfish7

    Can a single male peacock successfully live a healthy life alone?

    Just trying to debunk some things that I couldn't find answers to elsewhere. But yeah, can a singular male peacock, let's just say an OB, live on his own, in his own tank, and still be healthy? What affects would this have on the fish? Would it show dominant colors for it being the only fish in...
  19. jack jahnke

    24k gold kelberi

    he acts like he wants to eat and he will hit the live gold fish but he doesnt swallow it he has been doing this for about a month he just holds them in his mouth he occasionally swallows one but its like he is having trouble swallowing them. he is also 13 inches long and the gold fish he eats...
  20. F

    Need help with fish decision!

    So I have an empty 36 gallon bow front tank rn and I wanna put a fish in there that I can grow out before tranfering it to my 250(I’m in the process of building the 250 because my 225 is currently being used for a salt setup and I don’t want to add any more fish to my 350). I want to keep these...