1. Zak03

    Piranha Legality.

    hey guys, I have a hypothetical question here. Red Belly Piranhas are illegal in Washington state, which kinda bummed me out for obvious reasons. Then a friend of mine told me, "How is this a big deal? Who is gonna come into the house and look and check?" I continued to do research, and I read...
  2. M

    Keeping Red Bellied Piranhas With freshwater Moray Eel And Walking Catfish

    Hi I just introduced my two red bellied Piranhasabout 4 inches and 20-23cm long snowflake moray eel with my already existing full grown two walking catfishs. After I introduced them my W. Catfishs didn't bother my eel but it was disturbing my 2 Piranhas. I did put some mud and sand to the...
  3. itrebebag99

    Explaination for Piranha Laws.

    I was just wondering why piranhas are illegal is states like Texas and California. In a warmer and more hospitable environment like south Florida, there are no breeding populations of piranhas. The closest thing they have in south Florida to piranhas is pacus, and even those aren't very...
  4. swomley93

    Red Belly Piranha

    Hello, I have 5 red belly piranhas in a 125 gallon tank. I bought them 2 months ago and 2 of them are growing exponentially faster than most they are 3 times the size of the others. (Got then when they were a half an inch) I can tell the other 3 are honestly just not growing like normal ...
  5. R

    4 Caribe Piranha For Sale 5"-7"

    I have 4 caribe piranhas for sale, had them since they were 2 inches each, they are now about 5 to 7 inches and all have full sets of teeth and great color. I am looking for $600 for all 4, I am located in Hawthorne, NJ pick up here preferred or I can deliver within NJ or NY. Please contact me...
  6. C

    what fish is best for me? help!

    Hey, I've been wanting an aquarium for a long time but the only trouble is i am away for around 4 days a week with work. I've been looking at buying and keeping adult red belly piranha's as they do not need feeding every day, are there any other fish that i could maybe look into keeping? or...
  7. Sizzy905

    75 Gallon Piranha Tank

    Hi I am interested in starting a red belly piranha tank. My friend just got 5 juveniles and they are just stunning. I currently have a 75 gallon with two 6-7 inch oscars and a 4 inch convict with an AquaClear 110. I do partial water changes everyday say about 10% and I've managed to keep my fish...