1. F

    can i use this light

    also any idea if i can use a allpondsolutions 3 feet led light ( on a 69...
  2. Zak03

    Concerned about mystery snail

    Hi guys, I recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought some more blue mystery snails to put into my planted 20 gallon tank. A few days ago, I noticed that one of the snails had these spots (photo provided) on the back of the shell. At first thought I believed them to be eggs, but after doing some...
  3. Zak03

    Where do I buy plants and plant ideas

    So, I'm looking into doing a planted low tech aquarium. I'm thinking about using Java fern/moss and Anubias because they don't need to be in soil but can be attached to rock and wood. That's basically what I'm looking for. I don't want to use plant soil because I want to keep gravel for...
  4. B

    large cichlid in planted tank

    Hi guys and girls, I have a question that I'm sure has been asked numerous times before, but I'm too lazy to look for it and people probably aren't responding anymore anyway. So here goes. I am setting up a planted grow out tank (75) and am looking for something impressive to put in there. It...
  5. Addi_13

    New Planted 42 Gallon Tank..PLEASE HELP...

    Hello Guys, First of all I am a completely new to the planted setup. I am setting up a new 42 Gallon Planted tank. The dimension are L 30" X D 18" X H 18". I want to start pretty low tech setup with diy Co2 with yeast, sugar, baking soda formula. I have already purchased few items like...
  6. xDestro

    125 stocking

    Well instead of doing a 20gal bonsai tree tank I decided to get a 125 on black Friday for around $300 (assuming they have them on sale) It will replace my 75.. The fish I will keep from the 75: • large eb acara •large syno Notatus • 5"+ Senegal bichir • 6"+ delhezi bichir • 2" leaf fish What I...
  7. xDestro

    Doing planted tank right

    Well I'm gonna do the while bonsai tree scape in my 20 long so I'm gonna need some help. As of now I have a corner matter filter in the tank will this be okay? I would think so and if i decide to go with shrimp i would also think they would benefit off it as well. What substrate? I want a...
  8. Larryfish

    Help! Lighting issue.

    Okay. So I have a 55 gal planted setup That I recently did. With two fluvial aquasky lights on it 48" when expanded. I was doing some research on giant hairgrass (because I have it in my tank) and saw that most people were having issues with the plant propagating due to lighting. Most people...
  9. xDestro

    Couple gulper questions

    Had them a little over a week now, can't get shrimp until this weekend but how long should I go with them not eating ( assuming they don't eat this weekend ) before I just get feeders? I have 6 neon tetras in there they still havnt ate, so could I get more or do you think they'd eventually...
  10. xDestro

    Brackish plants?

    I'm setting up a 20 long, stock will be a f8 puffer and bumblebee gobies, I'm using eco complete as substrate, around an inch deep ( tell me if I need more) I have a finnex 24/7 planted plus and I would love to do a at least slightly planted tank, I love the look of a carpet grass look with...
  11. PatrickMW36

    Enough light for Java Moss & Fern ?

    Just wanted to know if one of these bulbs is adequate lighting for some Java moss & Fern in a 10 gal shrimp tank?
  12. xDestro

    55 plant light

    Need a light for my 55 gallon, every light I see that's "for plants" is crazy expensive so what doea anyone have anything that works well, isn't crazy expensive, and isn't an eyesore on top of the tank? Tank will be planted with "beginner plants" java fern, amazon sword etc. No co2. Amazon links...
  13. S

    What are the best plants for guppy fry to hide in and where can I buy it

    It's hard to find good suppliers. Where is the best place to buy plants, or fish, or supplies? Is there any forum for fancy guppies that is still running?
  14. A

    Advise - Cold Water, Open Tank in Sunroom

    I have mostly experience with Angelfish and Bettas. I was curious if anybody can give me any references, suggestions or help with an idea I have for my sunroom? I was thinking of maybe doing something like in this picture (but maybe not quite as fancy or as large) for cold water fish in my...
  15. xDestro

    First planted plans *gonna need major help*

    So iv decided I want to do a aquascape on my 55 completely changing it, I really like the simple look of a carpet and dragon stone. My question is what plant is best for this? I need something that is basically beginner friendly since this will be my first live plants in a tank. Also I can't...
  16. xDestro

    Jaguar vs gulper catfish

    I'm wanting to redo my 55, I was thinking about completely starting over and doing my first planted tank (lightly planted) and was debating on either 1 gulper catfish or get a jaguar catfish and maybe an acara and firemouth so what do you think? Also have any of you ever ordered from...
  17. O

    Need help ID this plant...

    Hello all! I need help identifying this plant. I had 2 of them (the large one on the last image is one of them) about maybe 4-5 months ago. They've out lived my bacopas, which I think is interesting as bacopas are pretty low maintenance as far as I've read. -Long thin, and straight blades of...
  18. mniles

    first try decorations

    My first try at some grass/leafy decorations. Let me know what you think.
  19. K

    Can T8s grow Dwarf Baby Tears?

    Can t8s from Home Depot grow HC, if so how many do I need for a carpet on a 10 gallon?
  20. littleturt

    Anubias Wilting

    My anubias hastofolia is wilting and falling apart and I'm worried it'll spread to my other plants. I have three anubias plants in my 150 gallon tank and I've just recently introduced them. They're still attaching themselves to the driftwood I tied them too but one of them is almost completely...