1. K

    For Sale  Platinum red tail

    Hello I’m in Los Angeles and I’m selling my 8in platinum rtc due to moving and won’t have the space if interested call or text me 3238994356 Sol
  2. T


    NEW VID!
  3. R

    For Sale  L25 Sao Felix 7 pointers 13 in / L27 Xingu Royal platinum 12 in

    FS L25: 13 in, 7 pointers, Sao Felix, $550 L27: 12 in, Xingu Royal platinum, $250 Brooklyn, New York Pick up only All together as a set (L25 + 27): $750, with some free driftwoods Fed Algae Wafers, Sinking Carnivore, etc. Thank you, have a great hobby. L25, 7 pointers, Sao Felix, 13 in...
  4. Jush


    Fish for sale; I'm open to offers on induvidual fish, groups of fish, or the whole lot. All sizes are approx, WhatsApp - 07523 218429 Location - North West UK, Preston/ Blackpool Collection, Shipping or possible drop off on ALL FISH! Longfin "Platinum" Senegal Bichir - BOUGHT AS PLATINUM...
  5. Jush

    Gene variants of fish?

    So we all know Platinum is white with Black eyes Albino is White with Red eyes Melanistic is Black with Black eyes Xanthic is Red with Black eyes so what is leucistic & what is Lutino? Is leucistic another name for Platinum & Lutino a variant of Albino/ Platinum where its almost golden/ yellow...
  6. Jush

    Different colour morphs of fish?

    Hi, Ive been looking around, looking for fish such as albino silver arowana, but Ive come across a "lutino" arowana, which is like albino but with a black eye, but its not true platinum. The person has told me that the albino arowanas are less bred due to drop eye nowadays and that these lutino...
  7. IgnatzMcJockel

    Is this already Platinum?

    Hello MFK, Today i found a Polypterus Delhezi at my local pet shop. He looked extremely white and had no red eyes...i thought it could be some kind of Platinum coloring...but he still got stripes. I immediately bought him, becaus in every case he's very beautiful (white with black stripes :D)...
  8. blufsky2

    rare polypterus platinum family from reddy aquarium

    Hello guys im reddy from indonesia want share my production fish farm welcome to reddy aquarium colection fish i hope you enjoy my colection :D GOD BLESS YOU ALL facebook : facebook grup :
  9. T-W

    South American arowana mutations

    Hi all there. I'm new here, after leaving the hobby for many,many years. It's been over 15 years since I lost my 3.5 foot silver due to someone forgetting to tightly close the huge paludarium it lived in for over 7 years at my shop. I was devastated when I found her on the floor one morning. It...
  10. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Platinum Catfish, Luteus Pleco, Bichir FRRE SHIP!

    Hey Everyone, You guys have been great to me and I genuinely appreciate all the love! We're nearly sold out of everything! Here are a few things left over.. We can ship FedEx/UPS to most of the east coast for 50 to 75 bucks. All other areas should use Air Cargo to save on costs. Orders of...
  11. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Blowout on current stock!

    Dont hesitate to get in touch with us if you see something you like! If your looking to purchase multiple items, we would be happy to offer you further savings!! Email or Text Us what you were thinking of purchasing, and we can go from there. Email: ExoticAquatics908@gmail.Com Phone...
  12. Hybridfish7

    Amatitlania color hybridizing

    I was just thinking, if you can't find a white sajica cichlid yourself, why not create one yourself? So, I got the idea of crossing a platinum HRP (to retain the blue and reds in the hybrid) and a sajica cichlid. The problem here however, is how the genes would cross over. I know the marbled...
  13. YankeeJack

    EBJD x Platinum Jack Dempsey Attempt

    I'm going to see if I can pair an EBJD with a Platinum. My Platinum JDs are large enough that they could start to breed, so I took Jexnell's EBJD and put it in the tank with my Platinums. Crossing fingers, b/c the platinums are quite a bit smaller than the male EBJD. He's chasing them all...
  14. N

    Suggestions for rare fish to buy

    Setting up a 300 gal which will house 3-4 SB datnoids, a platinum bichir, and a SB silver aro. What rare fish do you think I could add that would look cool? I like the look of platinum fish and am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  15. N

    Platinum endlii price?

    How much should a juvenile 4” platinum endlii cost? Looking to buy one
  16. Hybridfish7

    anyone know how much a platinum florida gar is worth on average?

    I'm not getting one any time soon. I just want to know how much they would be... All I know about the platinums is they're quite rare, yet I still see a lot of them, they're gonna be more than a regular florida gar, and I know those rare golden/orange ones are like $15k. ^^^GOLD!!!
  17. Hybridfish7

    Platinum giants!

    Post your pics of your platinum giants here. I'd like to see what giant white expensive fish people have! (by platinum giants I mean like platinum gar, pacu, arowana...etc...) I mean if you have anything else platinum you can post them here too, like platinum ogon koi, platinum hrp's, or (if you...
  18. adamjavaguy

    Help id this small cichild

    I think it might be pink convict, but my friends said no. The seller label this as white acara.
  19. F

    June 21 current Monster Updated Stock List~

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! 5-6" Goliath Tiger fish $155 6" Dewata Borneo Giant gourami ( red) $500 8" True Red Gar $600 3" Tiger Scats #120 10-12" Platinum Allgiator gar...