1. S

    Help with a future set up - Currently being built

    Greetings peoples of MFK!, finally took the plunge and joined the forum after doing much of my searching lead me to this great plethora of information, To start off I'm a proud keeper of many cichlids and have been for the last 2 years, its only in the last 8 months I decided to go down the...
  2. TheFishDealer

    For Sale  Captive Bred Luteus Pleco 1.75-2"

    $200 ships free UPS Overnight Text me 801-770-0045
  3. TheFishDealer

    For Sale  L-95 Pinecone Pleco

    Can Ship text me for a quote 801-770-0045
  4. zdolla3

    Pleco identification

    Hello. I bought this new pleco recently from a store and it was labeled as a Golden Vampire pleco L172. But after looking at other pictures online I’m not too sure. Below is a reference photo from yesterday. Any help is appreciated
  5. Rakunio

    My pet moray eel! (Freshwater)

    Not sure what else will be tank mates with him (Currently a Hifin Butterfly pleco and Common Pleco) but he's awesome and gobbles up silversides like nothing else! ------------------------------------- Follow me on Instagram! ( Follow me on Twitch...
  6. T

    For Sale  Adonis Pleco

    10" Adonis Pleco looking to re home
  7. T

    For Sale  Pseudacanthicus Serratus

    12.5-13" pseudacanthicus serratus pleco
  8. R

    FREE  Large 15" pleco needs new caring home - free (SF Bay Area)

    My son is going off to college and his 15" long Pleco has gotten quite large. Free to a new home if someone with a good setup would like to pick it up. SF Bay Area - San Jose
  9. Wharf

    For Sale  WTS L253 Royal Goldie

    Want to sell my L253 Scobi sadly to offset some bioload. I have a L240 and L273 in with her, so fairly Pleco heavy in my tank. She (I believe female) is nice, I am kind of on the fence & hesitant, but willing to sell if she goes to an experienced and responsible hobbyist. I would say 9 inches...
  10. T

    For Sale  6” L-014 sunshine pleco

    6” L-014 sunshine pleco Healthy and active Pick up In upland No shipping
  11. Isaiah75

    Pleco ID

    Morning all, There’s a pleco at my local fish store that I’m interested in. He’s listed as a spotted pinecone pleco but after some quick research I can’t find another one that looks like this. All the pinecones I’ve found online had dark eyes. This dude has yellow/gold eyes and similar...
  12. That Trinindad Pleco

    120 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hi, I may be getting a new 120 gallon 48x24x24 tank soon and it will be my second biggest, and my 6th tank that I currently am using. I was wondering about any stocking ideas, if you want to say community fish, please list some unique species as I have 3 community tanks. I was wondering if an...
  13. That Trinindad Pleco

    135 Gallon Stocking With Anglefish And Pleco

    Hi, I have a 135 which has had fish in it for about 3 weeks now and was some cycling over a month ago. This tank is 72×18.5x23.5 and is my biggest tank as of now. The fish that got me into fish keeping was the Common/Trinindad Pleco and my current stocking is 10x Black Neon Tetras 3x Assorted...
  14. That Trinindad Pleco

    40 Gallon Breeder Red-Tailed Red-Eyed Dwarf Puffer

    Hi, I have a 40 Gallon Breeder and I recently got a Red-Tailed Red-Eyed Dwarf Puffer for it. This is my 4th tank (That I Am Using Right Now) and I am wondering if my following fish could work with my puffer who is a little under 2”. I am wondering if a 4.5” Blue Phantom Pleco would work and 10...
  15. glovanator

    Four - 40 breeders what should I breed?

    HI, I've got Four 40 breeders hooked up. I'm going to try to breed super reds in one. And zebra pleco's in another. What do you suggest I do with the other two? I was thinking about trying to breed L200's. Is there another super popular pleco?
  16. Z

    For Sale  Massive Pleco

    I got a ~16-18 inch long pleco. The original owner kept it in an egregiously small tank (which I also took) but this big guy deserves to be in a much larger tank (which I do not have to spare). I believe it is just a regular common pleco. I saw another post from a couple of years back asking...
  17. Rakunio

    Want to Buy  Looking for Gold nugget pleco

    Will settle for 50 or so, thanks, happy fish keeping!
  18. MetalRavioli

    Disrupted stock

    Hello friends! So, as I’ve said in my 90-gallon tank thread, I’m currently in the process of cycling a 90 gallon tank. (It’s almost complete I believe) I planned on stocking this tank with a Senegal bichir, a Leopard ctenopoma, a bristlenose Plecostomus, and 5 keyhole cichlids. I ordered the...
  19. Isaiah75

    Pleco Identification

    I recently purchased this pleco and my local fish store had someone trade it in and no one seems t know what kind it is. Can anyone help me out with identifying this cool looking pleco. These are the best pics I could currently gather. Thanks in advance.
  20. MetalRavioli

    Best diet?

    Hello all! I’m currently in the process of setting up a 90 -gallon freshwater tank, which I plan on stocking with a senegal bichir, a bristlenose pleco, a leopard bush fish, and 5 keyhole cichlids. I’m wondering what foods would be best for these fish? I assume bloodworms would be a good idea...