1. Balake2424

    Any Idea if this is normal or a problem

    I’ve had my blue phantom over a week now, all in all he’s doing great but I noticed theses marks or holes on his fins that I’m positive we’re not there before which makes me uneasy because I paid a decent amount for him he’s probably my favorite in the tank and I would like to see him look his...
  2. Luxury Fish Keeping

    FS 7 inch Vittatus African Tiger FIsh VATF SoCal Garden Grove CA 92841 $140

    Up for sale is my 7" VATF $140. Meet up in Garden Grove/Westminster area in CA, Orange County. Very healthy and strong. Eats cut fish, shrimp, and sinking pellets. PM for meet ups or leave number.
  3. S

    Tank Mates for Gibbiceps?

    Tank Mates Question. Ready to upgrade and want to know what may be best to add. Currently: I have a 40 gal/ the upgrade likely to 90 gal. Gibbiceps is 5 or 6 years old. He is in a freshwater tank and is almost 14 inches long. Artificial plants. As of 2 days ago, I have two more fish- I was...
  4. Zak03

    I need pleco ideas and advice

    So, I want to get a pleco that will go into a tank with my Oscar Cichlid and sun cats. The fish (Oscar and cats) are small at this point: 2”. But Imma still need a fish that’s going to grow big enough to not be hassled by the other fish. And I would also like the pleco to not be a...
  5. P

    Any Pleco's for sale in Ohio?

    Looking to see what Plecos are for sale in Ohio .. I live just East of Columbus but work all over Ohio also willing to drive. Looking for whats not commonly found at the LPS. Thank you all in advance. John
  6. Zak03

    Tank Cleaness

    Alright, so i have two oscars, one common pleco, and one sun catfish (all fish under 3") in a 10 gallon tank. Dont worry, i will upgrade to a bigger tank, theyre just in the 10 gallon while i reseal. i have bright green algea growing on the sides of the tank. i wipe it off, but it's back full...
  7. M

    Need abit of advice.

    Hi all. Haven't got much of a clue on using this website. I have a 120L fish tank and just added allot of new aquarium plants the plants... My issue is that since adding the plants my tank has gone really cloudy with a white cloundyness. I'm quite new and have never had aquarium plants before in...
  8. Hybridfish7

    would a bristlenose pleco or two be ok in a 55 gallon with a 9 inch blood parrot

    Looking for a good cleaner fish for my 55 gallon, just wondering if a bristlenose pleco or two would be fine with my 9 inch BP. she's pretty aggressive, coming up on 9 years old now, nothing else in the tank but her if not bristlenose, then any other pleco species suggestions or any other cleaners?
  9. Vertigon_z

    Gold Nugget Plecos as Adults Question

    Good Morning All, Simple Question....I am considering getting an L177 Gold Nugget Pleco, I already have an L018. My question adults do all species of the Gold Nugget Pleco lose their yellow bands because if so I will hold off on having the L177 since both would eventually...
  10. N

    Help. Pleico sick again??!! :-(

    hi I feel like I keep coming back here for help - thank goodness you guys are here My pleico is maybe 6 years old, he’s in a 35 gallon tank on his own and he’s a little over 12 inches long (measure varies through the glass to as much as 13 inches). He’s been staying by the heater towards the...
  11. B

    Common pleco advise

    Gday, Kept fish for about 24 months now in a tropical setting at 28 Degrees Celsius. 4x Discus 3x Albino Congo tetra 4x Loach 3x Corydorus 10x Rummy nose tetra 2x male bristle nose catfish 3x baby Bristlenose Currently occupy the tank + now, a one inch sized common pleco. Have recently added...
  12. Zak03

    Natural Plants in the Oscar Tank

    So, im using big natural rocks as decor in my tank. i washed them thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinsed them and dried them before placing them in the tank. I've been using them for a few weeks now and i havent had any problems. But there is one thing. Moss started to grow two of...
  13. T

    Leopard Ctenopoma Tank / Tankmates

    Good evening all, I'm considering buying a 100cm long, 200L aquarium and I'm thinking about what I'd like to put in it. I really like the idea of a predator tank, and i've done some research to get some ideas as to what i could keep in it. From your knowledge/experience would i be about to...
  14. RubyRuby234

    Oscars digging and breeding behavior

    I cleaned the tank and moved some things around. Well two fish that shall remain nameless were unhappy with my design and south to fix it! Sassy girls!!
  15. N

    Sick? Pleco stopped eating again

    Hi I was hoping for some help. I posted on another part of the forum, specifically in the Pleco section but no replies yet. Since then we have done a water change, all levels good except ph was a little low- we did a ph chem add on a portion of the water change to try to get it closer to 7.0...
  16. N

    HELP Pleco diet/stopped eating

    our big guy is several years old. He had stopped eating regularly and we have been noticing changes in his behavior since switching out his smaller hiding place for a reptile cave appropriately sized for him to hide in. He’s about 13 inches, and I’ve posted about him before. He’s had a variety...
  17. S

    Royal Pleco, soft water.

    Hey Pleco experts! I’m in the frustratingly common process of rearranging/scaping/stocking my whole fish room for around the 300th time in the last couple of months since buying a new house and massively increasing my gallonage. In the midst of all the moving and shaking I realized that I...
  18. J

    Pleco type

    This a common pleco? Thanks!
  19. M

    Another Newbie... North Carolina

    Marietta LaFrancois I have a Koi pond, approx. 1100 gallons that I put in last November. We have lost many fish getting started, and now we have 7 good sized Koi, and 3 plecos. 2 of the plecos died yesterday (Thanksgiving). It did not seem to be that cold, but we have had some frosty mornings...