1. Rayfishowner

    Lower Jaw Bichir and BN Plecos?

    Hey all, I have a planted aquarium with a 14-15 in lapradei bichir, 5 in Indonesian Tiger Datnoid, 6 Adult Angelfish. This stocking is not set in stone and will likely decrease as the bichir and datnoid grows. I’ve already seen Datnoid aggression on some of the angelfish as they get close to...
  2. Yaponchik

    Pleco Black Stomach; Gets out of the water; Swimming Upside Down on Surface

    Hey guys, I've typed up a very long message but it got lost when on image upload (my stupidity) so I'll make this quick. I've not been very successful as a pleco keeper and have lost maybe 30+ juveniles over the course of the past 4 years. I'd have some that I grew from 1" to larger but they...
  3. V

    white spot on my pleco

    wondering should i be worried about this still swimming around fine and no where else on his body is that spot
  4. Justin Holland

    For Sale  Livestock for sale

    10" Pseudorinelepis cf genibarbis $250 7-8" Panaque bathyphilus $100 6" Pseudacanthicus spinosus $75 6" Acanthicus adonis $75 5-6" Panaque schaeferi $70 4" Pseudacanthicus cf leopardus L114 $75 3" Pseudacanthicus sp 452 $50 I also have a school of 7 Metynnis species. 3 hypsauchen and 4...
  5. P

    For Sale  Large slate pleco condo

    Custom pleco cave by KM. Price is firm at 25 bucks. Pickup only Alhambra 91803
  6. P

    For Sale  ROYAL GOLD LINE L27 'Araguaia' pleco

    Up for sale is my ROYAL GOLD LINE L27 'Araguaia' . Eye ball at 7 to 8 inches and growing fast. Eats cichlid gold pellets and zucchini like there's no tomorrow. Price is firm as firm can be because I am looking to re-home him. 85 dollars CASH AND NOT A DOLLAR LESS takes him Pickup only...
  7. N

    Pleco poisoned by ichX treatment??

    Pleco sick from treatment??? 125gallon freshwater, partially planted, river rock substrate (sparsely covered) currently: (see below for prev details) I THINK the plan is to get a new carbon filter since the water changes seem to upset him and use that to clear the water giving a few days for...
  8. RealCrix220

    Bulldog Pleco (L187b) (Chaestostoma thomasi)

    I picked up one of these dudes yesterday, I visited a shop that I was in the local area of and it was quite a nasty shop ( I will not name and shame ). The tank that these little dudes were in was nasty and I could just about see them. I was after a blue eyed red fin so when I asked if he had...
  9. N

    Pleco diet question & food safety

    Diet question & could it introduce parasites? our pleco shares the tank with a goldfish, 125g freshwater. It’s planted but not w/anything they like to eat. right now we do flakes AM for the goldfish veg wafers & shrimp Pellets PM for the pleco (Goldie steals them) Fruit or veg 1-2x per week...
  10. N

    Diet -mixed tank??

    Not sure if this is the right place for questions on diet/feeding while sick but I’m worried about the health of our fish, one of whom is now SICK w/Ich and Im reinspired to fight again for them. I really want to make sure he’s (and all of them) are getting the best care and we’ve had an...
  11. N

    Comparing products: ich-X, microbeLift, fritz copper safe

    First off thanks to everyone here! We have learned so much in the past 3 years being members! NEED TO COMPARE: Ich-X (can order would arrive feb 14) microbeLift (can order would arrive feb 14-16 fritz copper safe (have) full details and questions: looks like Goldie has ich his buddy the 15”...
  12. FunWow!

    For Sale  L273 Titanic pleco

    Got a 9inch or bigger L273 pleco looking to move. Eats shrimp, mussels and pellets. Will meet within reasonable distance.
  13. O

    For Sale  L25 Pleco Scarlet

    Needing to sale since got a speeding ticket ?.. L25 Scarlet Pleco.. eats Insect bite pleco food that can provide for free.. sitting at 10”. Sold out at aquarium depot , sold at 360$ but willing to do 340$.
  14. O

    For Sale  14” Sunshine Pleco XL

    Very chill and loves to swim around Sunshine Pleco 14”. Was bought at 400$ but need to rehome . SoCal pick up!
  15. S

    Pleco, possible parasite on fins.

    L200 (Green Phantom Pleco); whitish stringy growth on the tips of its front fins; both fins look the same. I checked out multiple sources and can’t quite find a match to what I’m seeing. Yes I also read through the “Fish Health Diagnostic” page, so here we go: 1. 125g tank; 6’x22”x18” 2. 0ppm...
  16. P

    For Trade  Group of L134 Leopard Frog plecos

    Been growing out these L134 Leopard Frog Plecos to breed and was going to add more to the colony but lost interest. I no longer have the time, patience, or space for another dedicated spawning setup so I’m hoping to move this breeding project on to someone else. Most are about breeding size...
  17. A

    For Sale  Scarlet 7 pointer pair Sao De Felix

    Hi, I have a pair of Scarlet plecos for sale asking 1200 for the pair. No shipping at this time. You can check out pics. on CL. While I try add pic.s thanks for looking
  18. icptoke3

    Royal pleco plumping up

    Hi, my royal pleco I've had about a year now recently got extra plump. I added a piece of driftwood from one of my other tanks and he went to town on it. Is he just a fatty, or is there something wrong with him? He definitely sucked on that wood nonstop for about a week. There was previously...
  19. N

    Pleco problem?!

    Hi, I’m asking this in breeding because I figured this group would know. Do sailfin pleco spray milt or do they have a penis? see picture. My son insists he’s had this for at least 6 months (that he noticed it a long time ago when he was in our smaller tank). I really hope this isn’t a worm, we...