1. R

    For Sale  Polypterus!!!

    I have a massive collection of lower jaw polys. I'm keeping my very best but have a lot of "ordinary" ones or multiples of the same locale I'm looking to move. This includes mostly Endlicheri and var. sp of Lapradei. I will post pictures ASAP. 20+ available These are all large (12-20"). I do...
  2. B

    Bichir broken back?

    Hey guys, so I recently got an ornate bichir. He’s very active and has been swimming around just fine, but has a big curve in his spine. Do you think he has a broken back? I haven’t noticed this before yesterday
  3. IgnatzMcJockel

    Should I be worried?

    Today i noticed, that one of my dels got a white bulge on the left side of his face. Sometimes he's shaking his head, so i think it is iching. I can't tell if it is something dangerous or if i'm to worried... I added a few pics, so you can make your own opinion. I hope you can help me :)
  4. Liaker

    Got a Poly endlicheri and a poly delhezi instead of 2x delhezi, help?

    So I bought two juvenile Poly Delhezi that would grow in my 200L/52gal tank, to then be moved to a 540L/142gal tank when they have grown a bit. So everything was goin' fine and dandy, they were eating awesomely and they had nice temperaments. Until I noticed one of them was growing a slightly...
  5. IgnatzMcJockel

    The Poly Poll

    A recent thread (What is your favorite polyterus?) brought me to the idea for this poll. I know the theme is the same, but i am interested in real Numbers. I know it's a difficult and i'm also not shure about my answer right now...so i'll give this enough time 😬. How it Works: everyone has...
  6. T

    Polypterus ID?

    So I got this fish at the fish store and it was sold to me as a polls bichir, it obviously isn’t which is super sad but it also looks much different than all the Senegal’s I own. It has a bit of mottling throughout his color and his belly is much more yellow that my almost light tan Senegal’s...
  7. Iamfish

    Gonna try polys again

    So I have been thinking for a while of trying out poly's again. So today I decided to sell one of my cats and get a poly, it will be here on Friday :) Will post pics when it gets here
  8. Iamfish

    My new Endlicheri

    He is my first lj and looks amazing, who would ever pick uj over lj. Acclimating atm. I will post updates :)
  9. Nilsafeller

    Sexing my bichir

    Basically just asking if any experienced poly keepers could tell me what sex my bichir is... I thought Male but not sure
  10. H

    Some poly tank pics.

  11. S

    Arowana with Poly

    Hello friends! I have 13inch size silver arowana in 6feet tank. Can i keep sengal polypterus 4inch size pair wifh it? Help me
  12. Miks786

    Poly ID please?

    Hey guys can I please get a ID on these polys? And some info needed on keeping them?
  13. AG458

    Ok then...

    Just another normal day in my tank. What are some odd places you've found your polys in?
  14. H

    endli is sick :(

    hi, i bought an endli about 5 or so months ago. he's gotten much bigger since then, and thicker. up until recently hes been eating well, often getting a nice bulge when he eats. recently, he has been coming up for air differently. its like he cant move his fins properly and he wobbles from side...
  15. H

    endli not...breathing?

    hi i was feeding my endli frozen fish earlier today and i noticed he was approaching a piece of fish but his mouth was closed. a while after he wasn't noticeably full. and i noticed my othe polys noticeably pump water over their gills even when idling causing the mouth to open and close...
  16. J

    Help stock my 135

    Well, last week it finally happened. My 135 sprung a leak and I had to tear the whole thing down. You never think it will happen to you until it does. Anyway, I have started resealing the tank. During the process I got to thinking and I might be ready for a change. I have always enjoyed new...