polypterus senegalus

  1. D

    Small Senegal Bichir - Tank Mates

    Hey guys, This is my first adventure into the world of MFK! Have been in and out of the hobby for the better part of two decades. I just picked up two Senegal bichirs about 5" each. In the process of getting their 75 gallon but in the meantime I have them in my 55 gallon community tank with...
  2. BichirChick

    My bichirs are growing really slow

    I have had a Senegal and a “gold dust” bichir for about a year now and they are still pretty small. The Senegal has grown from a little baby to about 5” or so, and he out grown the gold dust in circumference and length even though the gold one was bigger originally when I got him. The gold one...
  3. Jacob._.merc

    Bichirs with tetra algae control

    Is it safe to use tetra algae control with bichirs? I have a Senegal and delhezi in a 40 gallon tank with an algae problem. Is it safe to use?
  4. Jacob._.merc

    Senegal bichir with delhezi bichir

    I currently own 2 bichirs in separate tanks. The Senegal is 5 1/2 inches while the delhezi is 4 inches. Would the Senegal be able to eat him?
  5. neko1

    tank setup

    Hello my name is Anders I am kind of new on this forum. I hope that I learn a lot here and that u can help me. The tank is 200x60x40 the fish that are going in are : 1 -P, ornattapitus 1 -P. senegalus 2 -Erpetoichthys calabaricus 1 -arowana knifefish 1 -hejuta beani 1 -M. dayi I wanted to...
  6. vind7

    Unusual community tank

    Hey everyone, First of all: I don't know galloons or inches/ft as I am from Europe so please bear with me using the metric system. :D I hope to get some good advice on here by experienced fish keepers. First off all, my tank measures 180cm x 40cm x 40cm (l/w/h) which is about 288 liters. I'm...
  7. Jacob._.merc

    senegal bichir with callichthys catfish?

    Has anyone tried putting a callichthys catfish with a senegal bichir? I have both that are about same size, 5 inches.
  8. Kelsi

    Geophagus options for my tank

    I'm revamping my 75g tank and am interested in adding geophagus to it. What I plan on currently keeping are my Gold Severum, my featherfin catfish, and my Senegal Bichirs (1 large and two small adolescents [pictured]). I am rehoming my standard pleco and remaining 2 silver dollars (the rest of...
  9. C

    I'm wondering if Threadfin Acara (Acarichthys heckelii) is good to mix with my other tank mates???

    I'm wondering if two 3 inch Threadfin Acaras (Acarichthys heckelii) are a good mix with my other tank mates. I have two 3 inch Leopard Bushfish (Ctenopoma acutirostre) Which are my favorites. Also have a 3 inch Pink Tail Chalceus (Chalceus macrolepidotus,) a 2 inch Dinosaur Bichir (Polypterus...