ram cichlid

  1. Jakec96

    Ram cichlids with ich

    Hi all! I have a 30 gallon tank with a pair of German Blue Rams, 25 (ish) Neon Tetras, and 1 Powder Blue Gourami. For filtration I'm using 2 AC 50s and 1 AC 30. Heating with the new version of Aqueon pro set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank is newly setup maybe a few weeks but is completely...
  2. O

    Ram cichlid tank

    Here is my 30 gallon ram cichlid set up. Just picked these fish up yesterday. They are all under an inch. Can't wait to watch these little things grow and color up.
  3. B

    75 gallon setup- breeding rams

    hey guys! i have a 75 gallon up an running i got from a friend,it cam with fluval 306. i currently have play sand a few clay pots 2 fake trees. 1 male German blue ram (had 3 small females but all died in 2 days ) 2 Bolivian rams which they both are males if correct 3 gold rams belive all...
  4. Mbielek

    Dwarf Hairgrass experiment in Ram Cichlid tank

    What's up fish people, so we've all dreamed of an amazing carpeting plant to be successful in our tanks, and this is my second try at dwarf hairgrass. My first attempt was in my own 75 gallon freshwater community. After a few days, my silver dollars absolutely tore it all out and I could not...