1. R

    Searching for Paretroplus (Madagascar Cichlids)

    Hey All, I am intently searching for any Paretroplus species I can find for purchase. Does anyone have recommendations on rare fish dealers or breeders that might have some? I've already sourced P. kieneri from Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish, and may be able to get P. menarambo from Dave as well...
  2. SirCatfish

    For Sale  12-14” Ornate Poly.

    Looking to sell my ornate poly. Had since 4”. Eats shrimp, tilapia, smelt, earthworms. Looking for pickup asap. Located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Pics available. Negotiable
  3. xenacanth9

    xenacanth9's Invert Profiles

    Giving it a shot. This is an extension of my fish of the day thread. Plan on posting a profile each Thursday.
  4. xenacanth9

    Macrobrachium gracilirostris - The coolest prawn you've never heard of

    Macrobrachium gracilirostris is a Taiwanese species of giant freshwater prawn. Not sure how big they get, just wanted you guys to check it out. Very interesting colors. I know Wes got them in once or twice, but that's because they're aquatic animals that live in freshwater, and Wes is Wes. Not...
  5. xenacanth9

    Underrated Gobies and Where to Find Them

    Serving a spiritual successor to my thread on eels, the continuation of said thread, and most recently, my thread on puffers which are often overlooked, this thread discusses a number of freshwater gobies that are not as appreciated in the hobby as I feel they deserve to be. This list does NOT...
  6. xenacanth9

    Pike Congers

    Does anyone have any info on Pike Congers or where to find them? I think they're sometimes seen at some Asian markets but are practically non-existent in the aquarium trade. Does anyone know where to find them live? Doesn't have to be an aquarium site, can literally be on a food site. Just as...
  7. P


    Up for sale is my grade A SHORTBODY RTC. If you have done your research then the pics explain it all.. Top fins touching and overlapping, and straight spine. Straight spine is more desirable than the crooked spine type which doesn't swim well and has a shorter lifespan. It's currently eating...
  8. xenacanth9

    In search of elusive blenny

    Does anyone know where to find Omobranchus ferox? I know fugupuff had some a while ago but I can not find any currently available
  9. Plec123

    Want to Buy  L350 / Coal pleco / Imperial pleco / Peruvian lyretail pleco

    Looking for any L350 for sale, also called the coal pleco, imperial pleco, or Peruvian lyretail pleco. Smaller specimens preferred. Willing to drive within reason to pick the fish up or pay for shipping. Located in north Jersey. Open to negotiating prices.
  10. C

    Want to Buy  Tigrinus, VATF, temensis, 3bar or ntt datnoid

    Looking for all those fish at 8-12”. Tigrinus and temensis Bass I’ll buy any size. Or any rare fish those size 707-304-3090 nikita
  11. M

    Buying Zebra Plecos (L-46)

    Hi everyone! I am very interested and serious about purchasing mature adult Zebra Plecos (L-46) Preferably: - 1-2 males - 2-4 females - must be healthy and of good quality
  12. M

    Want to Buy  Buying Zebra Plecos (L-46)

    Hi all! I’m looking to purchase mature adult Zebra Plecos (L-46) Preferred attributes: - 1-2 males - 2-4 females - must be healthy and good quality
  13. Blakewater

    Good Sites To Order Rare PBass?

    Just wondering if any of you guys know of any good importers of rare peacock bass? I already know of Fugu, Ebays sellers, Aquascapeonline, and Aquabid but I have yet to see certain species outside of the normal 5 or 6. Species Im particularly interested in are Pinima, Jariina, and Nigromaculata.
  14. GraveyardHound

    Leucistic/Transparent Goldfish?

    Hi there, I received a goldfish recently that looked different to any goldfish i had seen before. I could see it's organs under the skin. After a little research, I found pictures of leucistic or transparent goldfish that looked exactly like the one I have. I will attach pictures. Is this a...
  15. BIG-G

    Equatorial Festae? and other rare fish

    I stumbled upon this video and in it a fish breeder shows some very interesting and beautiful fish. Starting around the 20 minute mark he mentions a small breed of Festae he calls Equatorial Festae Anyone have any information of these? I personally have never heard of them. His claim is it’s a...
  16. AquaScape

    Leichardti "Red Spot" Arowana!!

    Got in some AMAZING Red Spot Arowana (Scleropages leichardti) Limited quantity available These guys are currently at 2.5"-3" in length and are on sale for $125.oo
  17. AquaScape


    We have a nice assortment of Catfish between uncommon, rare, and smaller species " ** RED TEXT ** " = VERY LIMITED QUANTITY ** 5"-6" Sturio(Sturgeon) Catfish(Platystomatichthys sturio) $125.00 Ea. ** 2.5"-3" Aluminum Catfish(Chrysichthys aluuensis)...
  18. AG458

    Is this...rare?

    So I stopped by a Bass Pro Shops recently and viewed their giant freshwater tank. There were largemouth basses, smallmouth basses, sunfish, crappie, and channel cats. One channel catfish, however, was white. Attached are some very bad phone pictures of the catfish next to another normal looking...
  19. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Whats your favorite Pleco species?

    Post up your pics below of your favorite Pleco species!:D My favorite being the L025 Red scarlet pleco (Pseudacanthicus) I have yet to come across one but is on my bucket list for sure. (Photo below is not mine, not my credit.)
  20. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    BOLT CATFISH (Aguarunichthys torosus)

    Just found this species on planet catfish, anyone one here keeping one or seen one up for sale anywhere?