redtail catfish

  1. Rakunio

    My tank setup!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Fish are Redtail catfish, Longnose Gar, and Spotted hifin pleco. Share on YouTube page and here!
  2. V

    For Sale  Handmade Redtail Catfish sculpture

    Looking to sell a one of a kind handmade Redtail Catfish sculpture.The fish itself is made of carved wood and the base is driftwood. If interested please make any offers through ebay. More pictures and details on ebay listing. Thanks! Listing...
  3. Kaymac13

    RT Catfish

    Just wanted to be extra and show off some pics I took of my big baby Red Tail Kitty😘
  4. K

    For Sale  Platinum red tail

    Hello I’m in Los Angeles and I’m selling my 8in platinum rtc due to moving and won’t have the space if interested call or text me 3238994356 Sol
  5. T

    For Sale  RT & Marble Achara Catfish For Sale

    RTC is around 18" Marble Achara is 26"+ Currently housed in a 400gal circular pond. No sale unless you have a tank/pond large enough for these fish. $25 for the RTC and $60 for the Achara, or $75 for both.
  6. P

    FREE  Red Tail Catfish

    Hello! So my dad And I had recently gotten into freshwater tanks and was originally going to do a monster tank with 900 gals. He has liked red tail for a while so when he saw it at the store he took the opportunity not fully doing a lot of research. But I am now realizing it will get far too...
  7. Jjiang00

    For Sale  Extremely rare True Piraiba catfish for sale!

    Hi, I am selling a true piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum) That is feeding on pellets, tilapia, etc... Usually goes for $200-400, but want it gone ASAP cause I bought another one and want to make room also open to trades, name it and ill consider it Here’s a pic of him: This is...
  8. I

    Want to Buy  Rtc and rtc hybrids looking for whosale prices florida region

    Hi I'm looking for rtc rtc hybrids whosale prices in Florida if possible
  9. K

    Want to Buy  Platinum Red Tail

    Does anyone have a platinum red tail catfish they are looking to sell? just post in the thread all sizes and prices will be considered. Thanks for interest
  10. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Jardini, Midas, Oscar, Redtail Catfish For Sale

    Jardini: $200 Color: Beautiful greenish gold color Length: 12” He lost one eye during shipping. But, it is all healed. It does not effect his overall health. Diet: anything from pellet to frozen. Not a picky eater at all. Red Tiger Oscar: $50 each Length: 9-10" Diet: anything from pellet to...
  11. Shape of Water

    For Sale  22" Redtail Catfish and Show-grade Flower Horn

    Hi, I have a beautiful Redtail Catfish for sale. I assume it's a male. He has great patterns, and very interactive. He's 22" long, very healthy and friendly. He will allow you to pet him. He will be suitable for an aquarium of minimum of 180 gallons. Of course, a bigger house is better. :) No...
  12. C

    For Sale  Redtail catfish 10 inch

    Will consider trading 80 or arowanna gar etc
  13. S

    Redtail Catfish and Lotuses

    Hello all! While I love my fish to no end, I have to admit that their tank (5,000 gallons, and sometimes I still fear it’s not enough for some of the bigger guys haha) currently looks somewhat drab. I’ve decorated the bottom of the tank with driftwood, ceramic pots, and a few other various...
  14. B

    For Sale  Redtail catfish for sale

    Have a redtail catfish that's roughly 14 inches or so need to make room located in lakewood, CA thanks
  15. C

    16” redtail

    I have a 16” redtail I NEED gone. I’m getting back into smaller fish. I’ll take $20. I live in Lakeside, CA. Very mellow and sweet. He loves being pet!
  16. Jush

    For Sale  Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS

    Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS (Please refer to link attached below for photos of each fish!) (GOOGLE DOCS) Large Fish which are already large Large fish that are currently babies Contact & Location Information tags;
  17. Jush

    For Sale  Predatory Fish for SALE! (UK)

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] I am selling multiple predatory fish as follows; For sale from home; Can get upon request; multi-buy deals can be discussed by contacting!
  18. Ricardo quezada


    I bought a Asian redtail catfish (black body with redtail) from my LFS and didn’t notice it untit two month later that it has no eyes. I don’t know if it’s a miss identification by the store. I call them and asked if this is normal and they said no that all of their red tails have eyes and this...
  19. Lamina

    Is my RTC okay?

    My rtc is 8 inch long in a 5 foot tank (For now).He eats market prawn once a day but always stays near the filter.Hes not swimming much.Should I concern?Or is it gill curl?I can see his gill is abit curled out.Is this normal?I can;t measure the water parameters cause I don't have the test kit yet.
  20. Mikeamat0

    Asain Redtailed Catfish

    Hey guys just a quick question. I got an asain redtailed catfish about a week ago maybe a little more. He seemed fine swimming around doing whatever the whole time. The first night of having him i tried feeding him a pellet and he did eat it but ever since than he has just layed vertically...