1. Jush

    For Sale  Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS

    Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS (Please refer to link attached below for photos of each fish!) (GOOGLE DOCS) Large Fish which are already large Large fish that are currently babies Contact & Location Information tags;
  2. Jush

    For Sale  Predatory Fish for SALE! (UK)

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] I am selling multiple predatory fish as follows; For sale from home; Can get upon request; multi-buy deals can be discussed by contacting!
  3. Nilsafeller

    Red hook silver dollar and giant red tail fighting

    Dont know what to do guys! I have a 210 gallon with some oddballs... the red tail is still a juvie... about 8 or 9 inches long... same size as my red hook ,and goes after the silver dollar sometimes visciously! But every time he goes after the SD he gets torn up fins since the SD is an...
  4. T

    TL's 60,000 Gal Pond Update + New Fish Project!

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  5. T


    POND UPDATE + FEEDING!! ENJOY GUYS :D Follow my Facebook page @
  6. F

    FS: Festae, Albino ARTC - Pick Up Only North/Central NJ

    10-12"+ Alpha Male Festae about 3 years old, has bred multiple times - $125 I have a few other males in the 5-8" range - $50ea Take all festaes for $150 12" Albino Asian Red Tail Catfish (also quite a few years old) - $100 Will be selling my 7' 270g tank with stand and advanced filtration /...
  7. J

    Redtail missing fin

    I bought two redtail catfish online (I do not have a LFS near me that has big fish) and they came today. They are little, so will be in my growout tank until they can hold their own in my pond. I have noticed an issue though. One of the catfish is missing a pectoral fin. It isn't torn, it just...