1. Paradox2296

    150 gallon

    Hey guys its been awhile thought id post an update lost my kelberi and my tsn due to a power outage so im looking for some replacements
  2. S

    Redtail Catfish and Lotuses

    Hello all! While I love my fish to no end, I have to admit that their tank (5,000 gallons, and sometimes I still fear it’s not enough for some of the bigger guys haha) currently looks somewhat drab. I’ve decorated the bottom of the tank with driftwood, ceramic pots, and a few other various...
  3. C

    For Trade  Tsn x rtc

    Need to rehome my tsn x rtc (13-15”) due to larger tank cracking. Currently is in a 75 gallon tank and needs to go back into a 240 or larger. Taking reasonable offers or will trade for ghost shrimp/filter media. Pick up in Hyde Park, NY 12538
  4. Iamfish

    True Albino Rtc

    These were posted on facebook today just thought I would share them here. These are the first true albino rtcs I have ever seen. I wonder how much they cost lol.
  5. J

    Het albino rtc ??

    Had a few people who have cane and brought fish from me and a few of them have all said the same thing and is that rtc albino , he has some slight yellow colour to him and has since had him . Was really pale wen brought him from lfs and stayed the same .
  6. J

    Is my rtc het albino ?

    Had a few people who have cane and brought fish from me and a few of them have all said the same thing and is that rtc albino , he has some slight yellow colour to him and has since had him . Was really pale wen brought him from lfs and stayed the same .
  7. Pile_O_Rocks

    Is Height Important for RTCs?

    Would a RTC be able to live in a 13’x7’x30” indoor pond?. The footprint is good for a RTC but I’ve seen things saying 3’ is the minimum height. Is this accurate?
  8. R

    RTC pond size

    I am building a 15 by 5 ft pond and was wondering if this would be sufficient housing for a RTC
  9. KelberiFishLover19

    Red tail catfish question

    I have a red tail catfish that is 5.5 inches and a bass that is 8 inches. Not in the same tank now but was wondering if they could be or would the bass eat the catfish? Also all the catfish does is sit on the bottom of the tank I have him in and doesn’t move. Is this normal? I know they’re known...
  10. K

    RTC with swim bladder

    Hi please can someone help us? We’ve got a RTC that’s a rescue, we’ve had him nearly a year now. He was kept in a really small tank and his growth was stunted so we don’t know how old he is. He’s grown about 1” a month with us though and is now about 2ft 6”. He’s been healthy, active, no...
  11. Loco Lucas

    Bad Cat, my personal Journey in to RTC

    Let me start by saying I have kept fish for a very long time. Really, by the time I was 7, I had fish, frogs, all sorts of stuff. So as my "hobby" became a job, then back to being a hobby, I have had a chance to cut my teeth on a few critters. One I love is the red tailed catfish. Well... I...
  12. Loco Lucas

    RTC Tiger hybrid, eating zucchini and broccoli

    So our red tailed tiger shovel nose hybrid is happily named Black Hole because he eats everything. Rocks... air stones.... to big of meals. Typical catfish. Well yesterday he (I just call him that) ate a BIG chunk of broccoli. Ok... so what? He ate his pellets then ate some shrimp. Usual fare...
  13. Loco Lucas

    Introducing new fish into established tanks

    This is something we have had issues with, mainly with our larger catfish. Yestersay, I tried to place an 8 inch female Oscar into our 210 gallon that is home to our RTC that is pushing 19 inches. It turned out poorly for the oscar... We have tried holding the new fish into the sump tank...
  14. Manas

    Red tail catfish HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!

    Help! I bought a new RT-Catfish 4 days ago. He's 4 inches and not accepting any pellets or dried shrimps. I tried to put some shrimps near his mouth and he dosen't eat it. But when i get an earthworm he rushed at my hands and snatched it. Area near my house dissent provide live foods. I got...
  15. adamjavaguy

    Id this catfish please

  16. A

    Amazon catfish problems

    Hello, I have a RTC, HTSN and a TSN which are all 1.5ft in length and are 5 years old in a 6000L pond. The problem is my HTSN attacked my TSN leaving torn fins and multiple bruises, which led me to remove the stressed out TSN to my indor tank which is 10ft and (The TSN refuses to eat for 2...
  17. B

    EMERGENCY! heated cave in outdoor pond for rtc

    Hey guys I have an issue and I need help fast. I have an 18 inch RTC in an outdoor pond. I live in san jose california and winter temperature ranges from 55 F in the morning-75 degrees highest( outside temp). sometimes the high is 65F. My Pond is very big and I dont know if the RTC can survive...
  18. Rghfor

    Does this look short body

    Does this look like a short body rtc ?
  19. greenerinks

    new platinum RTC

    just sharing with MFK a new catch I recently acquired. a baby platinum RTC. Had to get something new after one of my prized fish passing away recently.
  20. koizilla714

    FTS | 18" Red tail catfish | $50 | 92704 | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 18" Red tail catfish What are your prices?: 50 Where are you located?: 92704 Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Healthy 18" RTC outgrowing my tank, so need to let him go. Cash or trade, let me know what you...