1. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Vendor  Black Friday Sale!

    This Black Friday, we’re offering you Incredible Discounts on Livestock, Aquariums, and More!! 🔥 You can expect to especially save BIG TIME on stunning Empire White Diamond stingrays and others! Read below for more info! 👇🏼 LIVESTOCK DEALS: • 20% OFF All Live Plants 🌱 • 25% OFF All Live Fish...
  2. F

    For Sale  Arapaima FS 91335

    Arapaima I’m looking to rehome he’s big about 2 ft and eats a lot. Located in Reseda. I’ve had him for a few weeks. Willing to possibly trade but would rather sell. 300
  3. F

    For Sale  Redtail catfish

    Selling my redtail catfish bc got too big and now looking for a new owner currently 20 inches and eats raw fish and pellets selling for 3k pesos pick up only address: Leyte ormoc bagong buhay block 2 lot 6 pagibig subd brgy
  4. FishBeast

    For Sale  Bichirs - PBB, BV Endli, etc

    Selling my bichirs. All between 14-17”, 4-5 y/o, some raised from babies. Lots of pics of these guys in my threads... local pick up only in WA - WC male Endlicheri ‘Black Volta’ $150 - WC female Lap Koliba $100 - WC female Lap Koloton $100 - WC male Lap Faranah $100 - WC female Weeksii $100 -...
  5. I

    For Sale  Cichlids

    Have assorted cichlids and some plecos for sale ranging in price from 10-100$ Contact Andrew for more information. can ship all over the US and offer pickup to locals. I’m in the northern Colorado region. Chanchos,Midas,Red devils, Hoga,sagittae, Cubans, Rivulatus, L240 galaxy plecos. have...
  6. E

    For Sale  Selling Fahaka Puffer

    Looking to sell/rehome my fahaka puffer. Had him since he was the size of a quarter. Unfortunately because of my life situation changing because of covid, I can no longer keep his tank running. I’m Connecticut/the northeast US. I would prefer to find someone to meet up as I have little to no...
  7. C

    For Sale  55g bowfront with filter/ 125g with filter/ cichlids

    Both tanks are about a year old. 55g bowfront with stand Light Heater Fan Aerator Fluval 70 125g 6ft long with stand Led lights Heater Aerator Fluval fx4 Fans Also have all the decor and cichlids. $10 a fish texas Peacock Jack dempsey Firemouth Oscar Asking $125 for 55g. $450 for 125g
  8. K

    For Sale  Acrylic Tank Builder

    Hello all, if you need any tanks built please text or call me. I’m willing to give out really good deals on tanks so I can get my name out there. I’m located in Ct but can deliver to other states depending on where it is! 8609177974 Down below are some pics of past tanks I’ve done
  9. T

    For Sale  Going out of hobby sale

    17" armatus Payara 19'' Redtail catfish 12" tiger shovel nose 9" albino Tiger Oscar 6" bd hybrid ray 6" bd hybrid ray 7" male pearl ray 34" silver arowana 12" peacock bass 10'' pacu 10'' feather fin squeaker a few common pleco 13''irredescant shark 12'' irredcesant shark 16 '' rtc hybrid...
  10. B

    For Sale  Clown Featherfins - 11"+

    Looking to re-home some >LARGE< (Like seriously.... 11" +) Clown Featherfins that came in a large setup I bought. I have no interest in keeping them long term, and the set up came with a broken sump, so I have no filtration for it, so I need them gone to good homes. :) Re-homing for 75/each...
  11. koizilla714

    For Sale  15” Endlicheri Bichir

    15” bichir Left eye is blind, eats tilapia fillet and shirmp.
  12. C

    16” redtail

    I have a 16” redtail I NEED gone. I’m getting back into smaller fish. I’ll take $20. I live in Lakeside, CA. Very mellow and sweet. He loves being pet!
  13. A

    Super Sale on Pods You Can Actually SEE ...... Yum Yum Yum said your Fish!

    Super Sale on Pods You Can Actually SEE ...... Yum Yum Yum said your Fish! Our Pods are a mixture of Amphipods and Copepods & These Pods you can SEE swimming in the bag. You will Love them, your fish will Love them and this Buy 1000 Get 1000 for FREE is a great way to get them seeded in your...
  14. P

    Spotted gar

    Looking for spotted gar does anyone have any leads on web stores that will ship to Canada or importers ??? I’ve been building towards an oddball tank and only have the spotted gar left to top off my dream tank
  15. KelberiFishLover19

    How Much Should I Sell My Arowana For?

    I have a silver arowana who is about 8-10 inches. How much should I sell him for?
  16. A

    Happy New Year - Sweet Deals to Start the New Year out Just right

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  17. A

    New & Awesome - Corals in the 10 Buck Bin + New Corals to Love (Pics Included)

    New & Awesome - Corals in the 10 Buck Bin + New Corals to Love (Pics Included) Check Out the Coral Bin - Love the Coral Love the Price - Shipping for Christmas - There is Still time for delivery on Friday Visit AquariumDepot
  18. A

    Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018

    Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018 Check out all of these corals for 50% Off - Right here: Also - Our newest Video of our little yellow sponge crab
  19. A

    All Corals - 50% Off At AquariumDepot - Over 2000 Corals ready to be re-homed

    Check out the Awesome selection of Corals At that are available for 50% Off Ricordea, Acans, Acros, Zoanthids and Much Much More
  20. A

    Last Day for This Dollar Deal

    250 Pods - Only 1 Buck At AquariumDepot