1. T

    For Sale  Ornate Bichir for sale. 16" long.

    Hello, I have an ornate bichir that I'm selling. I had him since he was 4" long, now he is at least 14"-16" long. I'm in the Tampa Bay area. Going for $150. Thanks.
  2. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  210 Gallon Tank

    Selling my 210 gallon tank, has overflows. Located in Concord NH area, pick up only. $850 obo
  3. S

    For Sale  12" butterfly domestic koi for sale

    Hello everyone! I've had koi fish for a few years now and moved back to the valley in AZ. I was going to build a koi pond in the backyard, but with how hot, sunny, and little space we have, I've decided to sell him instead. Price is $50 and must go to a home with a pond. Pm me for more details...
  4. B

    For Sale  Clown Featherfins - 11"+

    Looking to re-home some >LARGE< (Like seriously.... 11" +) Clown Featherfins that came in a large setup I bought. I have no interest in keeping them long term, and the set up came with a broken sump, so I have no filtration for it, so I need them gone to good homes. :) Re-homing for 75/each...
  5. slava2929

    What to do with fry

    Thought i had two male rainbow cichlids but the much smaller fish (about 1/3 the size of my adult rainbow) ended up being female and now I have about 100 fry and they're growing. Have been in the hobby off and on for years, but only got hardcore a year ago and I have never bred fish. In about...
  6. Kiryoku

    Female Electric Blue Kamfa Flowerhorn. NYC

    5 inch female electric blue kamfa flowerhorn for sale. $80 firm if i come to you, price is negotiable if you come to me. Brooklyn, NY, 11223. Contact me here or Discord @Vincent#9930
  7. xDestro

    To good to be true? This ebay seller is selling a...
  8. cherrybarb

    please let know the Qian Hu singapore arowana prices

    Please do anyone around Singapore could give price list on arowanas around 4"-6" in Quan Hu fish farms Singapore.I contact them via e mail but haven't received positive answer.