stingray black diamond

  1. Natural Cyborg

    For Sale  Empire Black Diamond Male

    Empire Black Diamond a line breed by Kenny Lim Male fully rolled 9-10 inches With some small spot poping though Contact 4407990713
  2. Aripiamakeeper01

    For Sale  Bd hybrids and motoro for sale

    4 bd hybrids forsale 5inch 2 motoro for sale 5inch If interested message me at @monsteraquaticfish on Instagram
  3. G

    Help! What’s wrong with my stingrays spiracles?!

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this site but I’m desperate for some advise. My black diamond stingray has some weird growths on its spiracles or gills just Behring it’s eyes! Ive only noticed it today and she hasn’t eaten today either. Any advice?
  4. gotin20

    Selling Stingray fishes in New York area 400$

    Stingray very healthy-400 pick up only in the Bronx
  5. 1

    Stingray Help

    Hi guys I just got myself a Black Diamond Stingray last Friday. The stingray is eating well even a couple of hours ago. However, i conducted a water change roughly an hour ago and the stingray has been at the same spot not moving at all but still breathing. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  6. DanHOB

    Huge rays in our pond with Aro’s

    Massive pond with our massive rays (2x bd’s, p14, Motoro) and Aro’s We was getting our Aro’s to be ‘handfed’ which they eventually did☺️
  7. DanHOB

    Beautiful pups

    A lovely start to week, turning up to see these beauties in the pond @House of Barbs
  8. Stillwater

    Back on MFK with my P. leopoldi and some others....

    10 captive bred P. leopoldi and some friendly tank mates.