stock ideas

  1. R

    200 gal predatory stocking ideas

    G'day So I'm considering buying a 200 gallon tank for stocking primarily a few large cichlids or possibly other predatory fish. I plan on raising them from as young as i can find them all the way to adulthood in this tank. I've read read Oscars have the most personality so I'm hoping for a...
  2. M

    New 125 gallon native setup

    I've owned tanks for a number of years. 55g saltwater, 75g freshwater, and 29g community reef. Sold all my tanks and setup about 6 years ago and getting ready for a brand new setup. 125g tank with a fluvalfx6 with natural driftwood and river rock. Currently have my driftwood and river rocks...
  3. A

    Fish suggestion for my new tank.

    Hello there, I would like to know what fish I can keep in my new tank. Here are my new tank's dimensions: 12 inches in depth, 18 inches in height, and 4 feet in width. *Sorry I can't take a picture or a video of my tank, as it's still under process.* Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    Transitioning to a 125 gallon cichlid tank from a smaller semi-aggressive community

    Hello everyone, I've kept fish for a long time, but I've never kept cichlids. I've got a new 125 (72" long) acrylic tank on order that should be here for Christmas, so I'd like to order some new fish and get them quarantined pretty soonish. I'm thinking of transitioning to SA cichlids since...
  5. E

    Shortbody FH in 70 gal?

    Hey all - I recently acquired a 70 gal tank - 36 in x 18 in x 24 in What's your opinions on a SB FH living for life in this? I've always wanted a FH, I know bigger is always better. Honestly, I'm reluctant to have a 100+ gallon dedicated to a single fish. If you don't think that a FH would...
  6. E

    Perfect 240 gal stocking

    We recently purchased a 240 gal. glass tank & we are now researching different stock ideas for the future. I've only had FW tanks, but would be open to SW. My question is this - if this was YOUR tank, what would you put in it? I find myself looking at the same species over & over - so I'd love...
  7. Zak03

    Stocking Help

    Alright, so i have a 40 gal tank and i need some stocking ideas. im thinking of doing a cichlid community tank, but im not very versed in different types of cichlids. Basically, what im looking for is a community tank with color, personallity, and movement. (plus, having cleaner fish so that...
  8. Michael2019

    15 Gallon Stock Suggestions

    Okay so, I recently got a 15G. It's 55cm by 30cm by 35. What I've already planned is that I'll be having fine gravel on the bottom and it's going to be heavily planted, with some wood too, I'll be using ferts and root tabs as well. The water parameters generally are: 10-14 dGH (Hard to...
  9. U

    Stocking Question

    Hi guys, I am in the process of selecting a stock list for my 125 gallon tank as sadly my Oscar just died. I currently have a Fluval FX5 for filtration and in the tank a Rhino/Chocolate Pleco and a Raphael Catfish that are both grown leftover from the previous stock list. I am bouncing the...
  10. Lawton C

    Finally going to get it.....

    After 4 years of this hobby, I think I'm finally ready to get a tank bigger than 75g:). I'm looking at something in the 180-250 range for my living room. I'm cycling a 60 gallon for a pair of sajica and other fish atm. I have alwyas loved SA/CA cichlids and want to do a community including these...
  11. Lawton C

    20 gallon rack system

    Hey, everyone I'm new here and love the community:D. In my mini fish room(corner of my garage that is climate controlled) I have a 20g long rack 6 tanks, empty 75, and 40 B. 3 of the 20g are empty and I wanted to do some species only tanks. What are some recommendations:D:D?
  12. Lawton C

    55 gallon stocking

    Kinda in a pickle here:mad:...I have a 40 breeder that houses a single firemouth. This fish is very aggressive to any smaller tankmates I have tried to put with him. I have recently moved and have an empty 75 gallon. I want to use the 40B for other fish and was wondering if a bigger tank and...
  13. Lawton C

    40 gallon stocking

    Just cleared out a 40B and now have an empty tank. This tank will be going in my living room and I wanted either one very personable fish or a very exciting/colorful tank. These are a few of my ideas 1 female jackdempsey ------------------------- 1 flowerhorn ------------------------ 10...
  14. B

    240g stocking/compatibility help

    Hello, I'm new to this site and to monster fish and giant tanks in general so I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with stocking a tank I'm going to be setting up in the near future. I'm still in the planning stages and don't have the setup yet, but it's going to be at least a 240g...
  15. I

    stock list help 300 gallon

    Hi, I plan on purchasing a 300 gallon aquarium in the near future. The dimensions will be 96 inches in length x 30 inches in height x 24 inches deep. Here is a list of the fish I would like. I am aware that some of these species are incompatible, this is just a wish list of sorts. so given the...
  16. R

    Stocking for a 450 gallon tank

    So I'm in the process of trying to get a 7ft long 3ft wide and 3ft tall tank and wonder what stocking is possible i was thinking an arowana and bottom dwellers. But just wanted to now what else I could do.
  17. Kingster


    So i was on aq advisor, I was just getting a plain bare bones look at a stocking Idea, went i added 4 bolivion rams, it said Warning: Your selected species may eventually require 128% of your aquarium space. You may need to deal with territorial aggressions later on. weirded out by this I...
  18. B

    Geophagus in a 125 gallon

    I am going to be setting up a 125 gallon tank in the summer and plan on stocking it with some Geophagus, however which species, how many and what tank mates are problems that I have. For tank mates, I like the idea of some silver dollars or perhaps some other species of cichlid- such as green...
  19. DanielAro501

    Possible additions

    I have a. 6x2x2 130 gallon tank that is currently stocked with one 7” silver Arowana, 6 silver dollars, 2 big tinfoil barbs, 2 clown loaches, 4 baby iridescent sharks, a 6” fire eel and two albino channel catfish.I do have plans for the Arowana, in about 3 months I will start construction of a...
  20. R

    Stocking Ideas

    I'm thinking of starting an aggressive 100 gallon tank. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for stocking