1. karpomatic

    DIY Polycarbonate Sump

    I'm going to take a crack at building my own sump for my 125 mostly South American 125 gallon aquarium. I have been using the one in the photo for 3 years now and it's okay but it was originally designed for saltwater and I'm hoping I can do better. The planned dimensions are 48" x 15" x 15"...
  2. riuqlav

    Problems with overflow too slow

    I'm trying to do this overflow system: So I found some flexible pipe for a good price and a diagonal T PVC pipe. (Ignore the grey tube, is my current filtration) I filled the tube till the top, and suck the air out of the first curve, making the siphon until the T joint. I positioned the T...
  3. CMTrey5

    For Sale  120 gallon sump

    Got a 120 gallon sump for sale, in pretty good condition. Dimensions: 4ft long x 26” wide x 22” tall. Was planning on using it for a future setup but ended up not fitting under my stand. Just trying to get back what I paid for it.
  4. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Two Fluval FX6's or Custom Sump

    So I will be getting a 160-180 gallon acrylic tank built here soon and need to finalize filtration. I had thought I was going to get two FX6's but now I'm considering a sump. The tank will house a Piraya Piranha so it needs a lot of filtration. What do you guys think? Sump or 2 FX6's? What will...

    Overflow Bulkhead Location + Support

    Hi, I'm not sure if this post belongs here or the DIY section so any mods feel free to move it if you feel that's necessary. So I got a used 555 liter tank (~150 US Gal) and I want to make a sump system for it. I already bought the bulkheads and the pump, but not the stand and the actual sump...

    How to measure bottom panel thickness?

    Hi, I know it's a somewhat weird question. But does anyone have a way to measure the thickness of the bottom panel of a tank? The tank has a bottom trim that is glued on so it isn't visible from the side. I can measure the side thickness and assume they're the same, but one can only be so sure...
  7. Austin Finley

    First sump Set up (230G System)

    So My Main Question is about overflows and returns this is my first sump and I want to avoid any mistakes if I can. My tank is not drilled and I will not be drilling it so I've been browsing hang on the back Overflow box the tank is around 200 Gallons and my sumps an old 55 holding 35-40...
  8. K

    HOB Overflow Question

    I have a 125 gallon that I'd love to switch to a sump (instead of a canister). However, I keep my water level about 6 inches lower than the top of the tank (I have mudskippers and they need some room above water). Is there a ready made HOB overflow that is big enough (or can be set up for) a...
  9. V

    Small sump vs large external filter?

    Hey long time lurker first time poster. I’m having trouble deciding on my filtration. I have a 160 us gal tank that I’m currently setting up to house 10 juvenile red belly piranhas. I currently have a fluval fx5 but after reading around here I’m thinking I should probably get some additional...
  10. TheWolfman

    30 gallon budget reef ready build!!

    Ok so I figured I’d document my project and share it with everyone, since I couldn’t find any rock solid info on retrofit overflows online. This will be a build thread that I will update as I go along. The Idea is I’m trying to keep the budget as low as possible. The tank was from the dollar...
  11. Sarahmander

    Setting up the 100 gal... finally

    Setting up my 100 gallon w/ 30 gal sump next week. I have black sand and manzanita wood (tannins are gonna suck) for in the tank and then seachem matrix, filter floss, and seachem stability for getting my sump started. It has three chambers that flow into each other through the bottom of the...
  12. A

    Cheap DIY Filter Sock Holder

    Had an "aha" moment looking for ways to DIY a filter sock holder for my sump and figured I'd share since I haven't seen it anywhere. I used a styrofoam block to hold up the plastic ledge of a filter sock within the chamber. Styrofoam is impossible to sink, pretty much free, and I'm assuming is...
  13. A

    Drip Setup - Drain Location

    Thinking about setting up a drip system for the first time with my setup. Right now my sump is currently laid out like the diagram below, with a drilled hole in the top corner. I'd like to use this existing hole as opposed to drilling one where the pump chamber is. Would this still work? Are...
  14. 1

    Freshwater sump set up 103 gallon

    Hi i bought a 300 gallon fish tank for my 3 stingrays. But the sump was only a 60 gallon with a crack in it. So i got a custom 103 gallon sump. I'm wanting to get this set up done right the first time. I'm wanting to run matrix seachem in one compartment and in another part I'm going to run...
  15. A

    Number of Chambers in Sump

    I'm currently building a large sump for a new setup and I was wondering: Do the number of chambers make a difference in terms of filtration effectiveness/efficiency if I'm using the same media throughout?
  16. I

    What kind of filtration is right for me?

    So I'm currently working on getting a 120 gallon aquarium (48"x24"x24") set up. It has a 30 gallon (36"x12"x16") sump which is currently set up in a rather underwhelming fashion. My current plans for drainage are as follows: the system will drain via two "megaflow" style overflows tied together...
  17. pancakes

    Freshwater Stock | SoCal | 92880

    Going different direction. All eyeballed... 1-400 Odessa (1-2” & 1-300 filaments) 100 20-25 RummyNose Tetras 30 3 LG (6-9”) male & 1 F Tapajos 200 20-25 (2-4”)F1 Tapajos 125 Discus (5-6”) take all 500 or 100ea F (Confirmed) Altum F F1 (Confirmed/Proven) Alenquer x2 Unsexed San Merah x2 M...
  18. C

    Wet Dry and Fluidized Bed Filter?!!

    Hey ya'll, So I have read, and read, and read, watched hundreds of videos about the pros and cons of WDF vs FBF. I'm in the process of making my own wetdry/refugium/sump. So heres my issue.... I have heard the pros and cons of each, and have been trying to figure out how to do a wet/dry and...
  19. the_deeb

    Sump upgrade with auto drip

    Recently upgraded my sump for my 150g tank: Here's the old sump. 40g breeder with a filter sock and 2 blocks of 4" poret foam (I like to keep things simple). This sump has served me very well...
  20. X

    Peacock cichlid tank setup

    Hey, all. I'm thinking of setting up a 75 gallon tank in my room in a few months, or a 125 gallon if I can manage it, which I likely won't. I'll either do an oscar setup (which I put in a different post) or a peacock cichlid tank and had some questions about setup. It's going to have sand as the...