1. itrebebag99

    GoPro footage of Big Goldfish Feeding

    The quality isn't the best, but I did get some footage of big goldfish feeding off a method lead, as well as some other native fish:
  2. KelberiFishLover19

    Jonah’s Aquarium

    Has anyone ordered from Jonah’s Aquarium recently? I am looking to get some panfish like bluegill and different types of sunfish but don’t know where to get them. I found this website and looked for recent threads on MFK about this site but can’t find anything recent. Also the way to order fish...
  3. Dat boi blu

    Did I catch a hybrid??

    Just wanna get a second opinion on what these are. I believe the first is a pumpkin seed, and the second is a hybrid. Guessing mixed with a bluegill, maybe green sunfish.??
  4. Deadliestviper7

    Different sunfish

    the following is a list of different varieties and species of sunfish
  5. T

    bluegill not eating

    Hi guys I've had this bluegill for about 2 weeks and he was eating the first week perfectly. All of a sudden he stopped eating the meal worms I was feeding or any other food I tried. He went from coming to the top of the tank when I came in the room to not moving at all. The tank is cycled and...
  6. S

    Green sunfish euthanization

    My 4 inch green sunfish decided to jump ship a few days ago, I came into the room, and he was stuck to the carpet. I revived him to the best of my ability, but he's been losing strength, and now he's laying on his side, and his gills have slowed down immensely, he hasn't eaten in 4 days, and I...
  7. D

    Tankmate Recommendations for Green Sunfish in 70gallon?

    I have 2 green sunfish, one is 2" the other is about 3.5" Each one has established one side of the tank as their territory They are both in the 70gal, with a few decorations for hiding. Not the final setup, just until I get a stand for the tank (its on the floor) Tank Dimensions are around 48" x...
  8. itrebebag99

    How to Get Sunfish Out of Pond?

    Being a dummy, I released a small 2 inch longear sunfish into a small, but heavily weeded backyard goldfish pond. At the end of fall I dig around in the pond to remove all the goldfish to transport them inside. It is very difficult to net the brightly colored and slower moving goldfish, so I...
  9. itrebebag99

    Green Sunfish Behavioral Changes.

    A couple months ago I introduced a ~3 inch green sunfish that I caught hook and line into an aquarium containing a ~9 inch bullhead. Instantly, the bullhead came out and attacked the green sunfish. The sunfish had a pretty nasty wound on it's tail, and I thought for sure it wasn't going to...
  10. Moontanman

    Native fish video

    Still a couple tropicals and a Pangasius shark that is 3" or so and a year old, eats like a pig but doesn't grow... Blue spotted sunfish, warmouth, gambusia, popeye mullet, mud minnow, and brown bullhead. Several others do not appear in this video but are hidden, mudpuppy, spotted bullhead...
  11. L

    Fish freaked out and hide/sink to bottom when light is turned on

    60gal 9 small/medium sunfish variety Fish all normally swim around and interact with us and thus far display normal behavior. Just yesterday they appear to have been spooked by an unknown cause erratically swimming around the bottom of the tank kicking up rock substrate almost in a frenzy...
  12. C

    Shadow bass

    Does anyone know where I could get a shadow bass for my sunfish tank?
  13. A

    Advise - Cold Water, Open Tank in Sunroom

    I have mostly experience with Angelfish and Bettas. I was curious if anybody can give me any references, suggestions or help with an idea I have for my sunroom? I was thinking of maybe doing something like in this picture (but maybe not quite as fancy or as large) for cold water fish in my...
  14. M

    Best pellet food for numerous native species?

    I am building a pond about 2000-3000 gallons this spring. Approx 4ft deep, 10 ft length and width. I will be stocking it with many native fish including- largemouth,smallmouth, walleye, sunfish, albino Catfish, crappie, and perch. I will only buy one or two of each fish. I will purchase these...
  15. Nativefishkeeper904

    How can I get some fish out of a heavily planted large aquarium?

    I have 3 bluegill sunfish in a planted 55 gallon aquarium. I have tried for hours to get them with a net but they are too quick! I want to give them to my friend but I can't get them out of the tank.