1. A

    Black Ghost and Plant Compatibility

    So I have narrowed it down to these two and I am thinking of doing both. Visibility of the whole tank isn't an issue. I want to make it thick by using background plants that grow large as center and foreground plants. I Asked here once before for plant recommendations that can use sand as a...
  2. F

    In need of advice.

    Hey all. Recently I purchased my very first tank (second hand) and this past week have been busy researching everything I could find about keeping tropical fish - I'm looking for some advice on whether or not my equipment is enough to handle my set up and which fish I should buy for my first...
  3. B

    Help! Power will be out for 3 days!

    Hi, I am the Biology teacher for a small Montessori school, and I am in charge of running our four fish tanks. They will be working on the electric over the weekend, and we will have no power! What should I do for each of the following: 55-gallon Cichlid Water Temp: 76-78 Fish: Loach, rainbow...
  4. xDestro

    Almost fill time

    I'm planning on filling my 55 gallon tank up tomorrow after a quick trip to LFS, I already have prime to make my tap water safe, but I'll be picking up a master test kit, api quick start, stress coat, and ammo lock. I plan on using quick start to start my cycle until I get a few baby tetras from...
  5. shivam

    9inch FlowerHorn Video!!

    My FlowerHorn Just came in and I decided to make a short video on him! Hope everyone enjoys.
  6. xDestro

    Small cat suggestions

    Looking for a smaller catfish maxing out around 6 inches. Would like to find more active cats like hoplo but is there even any smaller more active cats?
  7. B

    Channa gachua. Tropical or sub-tropical??

    Hi everyone. I bought a channa gachua about a week ago and the shopkeeper promised that it would be a tropical gachua but after some reading I'm not sure if he was right :( I saw in a other tread in the forum " snakeheads keeping conditions by pallestopheles " that gachua from india...
  8. Hendre

    Bunch of jack dempsey questions

    as the title suggests i have a few questions about jack dempseys. here we go. 1- is a 65 gal suibtable for a pair? 2-is a boyu fef 230 suitable for a single/ pair dempsey?if not is there a suitable budget filter? 3-best food for dempseys 4-can a dempsey tank be planted? 5- any tips for these...
  9. Hendre

    My new betta tank ;)

    hey guys. this thread is about me and my soon to get betta fish. This 5gal tank is one we had a few years back but put away after my parents put it away (8 years maybe) and have cleaned and repaired the tank for use i started cycling the media a few days ago with seachem stability using the...
  10. Hendre

    Uaru or severums

    Hello guys and gals of MFK, Hendre here. I have done some reading on fish to keep if exodons don't work out for me. I have snooped around and quite like the look of uarus and severums. The tank is a 250 L long and is gonna be black sand and driftwood. I would like to get a pair of one of these...
  11. Hendre

    Mini monster for 250L (66Gal)

    Hi guys I am getting a 250L tank in 2 weeks, it is the largest I can afford to get and currently it will be a community tank. Are there any mini monsters/ predators I can keep in that that can be fed pellet as a base diet. Also better if they can be kept in groups of 3 or more.. Any...
  12. B

    My New 55g long Tropical Community Tank !

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything so just wanted to share my new tropical tank with you guys ADMINS can delete or move the thread its not in the proper category and apologies :-)
  13. V


    Can anyone help me figure out what sex my jag is, I've had people say it's a male and others tell me it's female