1. JESTERX626

    For Sale  WC lake guatape and rio claro umbee’s

    Male lake guatape umbee 12-14” $180. Extreme blue freckling, fins and scales have a red base color. Male Rio claro umbee 14-16 $180. Known for their gold coloration, amazing eater. both purchased from Umbee King. pickup in Rowland heights 91748, bring a large net. Feel free to text me at...

    For Sale  WC Rio Magladena Umbee

    F0 Rio Magladena Kronoheros Umbriferum 11-12 inch female $150
  3. P

    For Sale  Umbee Cichlids

    7 umbees, about 2" each +/-, largest might be 2.5" prefer to sell all, together $100 pickup buffalo, ny
  4. C

    Umbee Sexing

    Two Rio Guatape umbees. Wondering if there both female or if one is male and other female. Was told one was male and other female
  5. S

    Central and south mericn fish in Canada

    Does anyone know where to order or any good fish stores that sell central/american cichlids?. Looking to get back in the game and get a pair of dovii or umbee or festae pair. Was going to travel to toronto to see if they had anything but I thought I'd ask the forum first.
  6. N

    Overstocking Agressive CA Cichlids

    Is this possible like with Africans? Was thinking of buying around 70 juveniles (species that are aggressive but stay around 12-14”), raising them together, selling off the most aggressive ones and hopefully ending up with a community of maybe 15-20 pcs for a 180 gallon. The idea would be to...
  7. F

    Umbee: Male or Female?

    Anyone know whether this Umbee is a male or female. Some expert advice would be greatly appreciated. These are the only photos I have from the seller. 12cm TL. Thank you members.
  8. F

    Umbee: Male or Female?

    Can anyone tell what sex this Umbee could be. Its about 12cm in length. Thanks.

    Whats your top 5 AGGRESSIVE MONSTER Cichlids?

    this a little fun video of some of my current and past actual stock except the monster Dovii my pic but he was a the zoo in a million gallon tank naw just kidding but my guess no less than 50,000 gallons probably closer to 100,000. These tank up there in aggression let me know what's your...
  10. S

    Opinions asked

    So, first of all, hello everyone! Bit over a month a go was enjoying my established and a beautiful tank setup. Then Mr. Murphy and his damn hypothesis kicked in and i lost most of my fish. So, rebuild. Now, i have following fish coming in: - JD - Herichthys carpintis - Midas - Tilapia...
  11. C

    Umbee Cichlid or What? Help

    I got this little guy/girl a few weeks ago and i have been trying to figure out if its an umbee cichlid or some other cichlid any help is appreciated....
  12. fc3

    Umbee Update

    Here is a short video of my Umbee.
  13. B

    Dithers for Umbee growouts?

    I got some of rapps' "rio guatape" Umbee which I believe are gorrilus blues a while back. I have four of them (3.5" to 5.5") in a 135 with a 6" Rio mag that I just recently added. I did have them with some midevil growouts until they passed the umbees in size and began increasing aggression and...
  14. juddb

    umbriferum video

    I added more sand for them since they love digging so much, colors are washed out a bit cause of the water change. But im very proud of the pair and should have fry within the week. Thanks jay!
  15. Covetous

    My Umbee Growth journal

    Well my Kronoheros Umbriferum I ordered from Jeff Rapps arrived Thursday. After a shipping mixup that delayed the delivery from a Wednesday to Thursday, I was afraid I may be opening a box of dead fish. However luck, and Jeff's spectacular packing pulled through and all 6 arrived alive and well...
  16. JESTERX626

    Red King Umbee - new variant

    Just saw this on Below Water's facebook page, looks cool. Caption reads "introducing the Red King Umbie, new location, beautiful new variant, few in stock."


    Not trying to be funny but INBREEDING.....??? Not really something I'm interested in doing but seem as I'm having some difficulties relocating the mother of my umbee and his father is gone....well would it be good bad or ok if the mother and the son mated...I know it wouldn't offer much gene...

    FS | Umbee | $30-100 | Washington | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Umbee What are your prices?: 30-100 Where are you located?: Washington Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: This beautiful 12 inch female need to be rehomed she's stunning, healthy never missed a meal in her life...

    Do umbees eat at night

    Recently my umbriferum has been hitting the to of the glass at night, well during the day also but that don't bother me, but at night the banging around I hear him doing I'm wondering is that normal this is the first monsters cichlid that I kept in my bedroom past a foot, recently just changed...
  20. Ihsnshaik


    Okay so lets so your Umbees. I'm planning on getting some f2 rio mags soon so I'd love to see some of the MFK members!