1. C

    Best tank size for a 3rd Floor apartment (Severums/Uaru)

    Hi all! New to the site here, and keeping big fish in general and want some opinions. I’m going to be moving soon and will be capitalizing on it to do a necessary upgrade from a 55 gallon to hopefully a 90-125 gallon tank. Issue is I’m moving to a 3rd floor apartment. The fish I have right now...
  2. agent1207

    New 225 gallon water change schedule help?!

    Right now I have just setup a 225 gallon aquarium and moved my fish from a 100 gallon. What is the minimum water change schedule? and optimal? (being still 50%?) Previously I was changing 50% every week, and the old parameters were - pH 7.8 - Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 - Nitrate 10 - 30 Aquarium...
  3. B

    Leopard ctenopoma in a 40 breeder.

    I plan on upgrading to a 180 gallon 100% forsure so my leopard ctenopoma can "roam" when I move out of my parent's home but school is taking me 3 more years to complete. I feel a little guilty keeping the leopard ctenopoma in a 40 breeder for 3 more years. Do you guys think it's okay since they...
  4. K

    Upgrading Tanks

    Hey all, I am planning on finally upgrading my 46 gallon tank to a 75 gallon tank. My question is, do I have to cycle the new tank for 6-8 weeks? or can I xfer everything over and add new water as if I did a water change? I won't be adding any new fish, just some more driftwood and a couple...
  5. Zanson

    125 to 300+ gallon upgrade [Image Heavy]

    so from the start of the 125, i always knew i wanted to upgrade the system to a sump and larger water volume. I weighed a bunch of options, between a 180 with over flows, to a plywood build of 200+ gallons. Ultimately i decided to go with Two 120 gallon tanks, with the 125 becoming a sump and...
  6. GamerChick5567

    Thinking of Upgrading and Kinda Broke. Need Halps/Ideas.

    Hey all. I've been driving myself nuts thinking about it. I want to upgrade my 90 gallon to something around 6-7' long and the fiance agrees that he wants something shiny. I would prefer an acrylic tank so we don't have to pay people to help move a heavy glass thing. We just barely were able to...
  7. spcichlids

    Upgrading 125g to 220 (video)

    This documents the process I went through to upgrade my main display tank (african cichlids) from a 125 gallon to a 220.
  8. Brittanirdh

    Upgrading tank size advise.

    Hi, I currently have a 70 gallon tank, that my husband is going to let me upgrade to a 125 gallon (possibly bigger) for Christmas. I know this is months away, but want to make sure we plan this out right. The current tank is set in the wall viewable from living room (access to clean and feed is...