uv sterilizer

  1. ukgoffer

    For Sale  Aqua Ultraviolet 25W with new bulb

    25W UV Sterilizer from Aqua Ultraviolet. Lists new on Amazon for $275. Selling for $200 including brand new unopened bulb. Rated for 500g - 1200g freshwater, 150g saltwater AU also makes a more expensive version with a cleaner for the outside of the glass that surrounds the bulb. I was...
  2. islandguy11

    Will this external pump set-up work?

    As per original plans in near future I'm going to add a UV sterilizer to my 325 Arowana tank which was set up last December. Need your opinions on one approach I'm thinking about to do this. -- As you can see in pic below on the right side I have a 2000 L/hr internal pump feeding the OH shower...
  3. A

    UV sterilizer with Bamboo Shrimp

    Can a UV sterilizer be used in an aquarium with bamboo and vampire shrimp or will this affect the micro organisms they eat?
  4. islandguy11

    Return lines & flow rate

    I'm trying to better dial in flow rates for UV sterilizers on a couple of tanks, and have been wondering: does having a return line nozzle submerged (say just below the water surface) affect the flow rate compared to having the nozzle right above the water surface? Seems like it should from a...
  5. islandguy11

    UV Sterilizer on your Flowerhorn Tank

    Just curious, kind of an informal poll, to see how many fellow Flowerhorn keepers use a UV sterilizer with their Flowerhorn tank?
  6. islandguy11

    New Eheim Reeflex UV500: blown out after just 10 days, beware!

    This was my first UV sterilizer to ever install on a tank, so I thought I wouldn't mess around and get a good name with a reputation for quality. So I bought the Eheim Reeflex UV500. While thousands of fish keepers use their canister filters based on their overall dependability, sadly the...
  7. N

    UV sterilizers?

    Whats is a good high quality UV sterilizer for a 180 gallon tank? Which is a better use to remove algae/bacteria or to remove parasites? Will it kill beneficial bacteria in the tank and will it interfere with an algae scrubber? What wattage/gph should I use? Thanks - Nick
  8. A

    Help regarding UV sterilizer

    Hello I just wanted to ask if UV sterilizers can cause damage to freshwater fish? i have been using a submersible UV sterilizer for a few years now and it has always worked fine for me. But recently my 50G aquarium had an algae bloom so i put the sterilizer from my fish pond into the tank for a...
  9. N

    Stopping algae growth on white sand?

    What's the best way to preemptively stop algae growth on white sand? I'll be using bright light. Plecos? UV? 6 hours of light a day? Thanks - Nick
  10. A

    UV sterilizer, good or bad?

    Hey guys, i'm new to the fish keeping hobby. I was thinking of getting a uv sterilizer. I had gone through a number of articles. The companies say that they r an absolutue must, some fish keepers agree, some don't. Can i have some help on the subject?
  11. kendragon

    Microorganism UV Dosage Chart

    I came across this great chart that shows the UV dosage required. Top in the list is algae (22mJ/cm^2). Most UV lights can handle this kind of low dosage. It's the higher dosage that becomes tricky to achieve and size. 50mJ/cm^2 is a good all around dosage. As you can see from the chart some...
  12. GamerChick5567

    Help with Coralife Turbo-Twist 9 watt UV sterilizer?

    Hey guys. So today the bf convinced me to go to the reefapalooza saltwater show at the oc fairgrounds since it's close to his parents (plus lots of cool stuff and corals hehe). He got me bunch of raffle tickets and I won this cool UV sterilizer thingy. I have actually been wanting to get one for...
  13. freshfishin727

    50watt uv running 600 gph

    What are my benefits running it like this.
  14. freshfishin727

    36w uv sterilizer on 200 gal still have fungus growth

    Hellppp. White fungus growth , strange even tho I'm running a uv sterilizer