1. R

    Want to Buy  ISO: Group of juvenile CA/SA Centerpiece cichlids- Gold Saum/Red Texas/Vieja etc

    Looking for a group of 3-5 juvy cichlids 2" - 3" or so that I can grow out. Top species are: Gold Saum/orange trim Green Terror Super Red Texas Carpintis Vieja Regani/Argentea/etc. Not looking for Flowerhorns, Red Terrors, Convicts, or any fish that don't 'pop' in the tank. Goal is to...
  2. M

    Sexing Black belt viejas

    Hi. I have these two black belts with me for about 3 months now. Was wandering what the sex of these two guys are. They have been digging the substrate a lot, so was wondering if they are a breeding pair. Any help would be much appreciated
  3. ..puSkar..

    .....Post'em VIEJAS .....

    I recently got a vieja hybrid from my friend. And imo they are one of the prettiest fish one can have . I've seen a lot of threads on different types of VIEJAS here on MFK. But very few have pictures of fish or a complete shot of the tank. I wonder if all MFK people keeping VIEJAS could post...
  4. A

    For Sale  Vieja bifasciatus fry 'Rio Chacamax'

    0.5" Fry available, $4 (minimum buy of 5) Both parents are beautifully colored and came from Cichlids of the Americas Shipping possible or pickup in Queens NY
  5. Cammo X

    Blue Spot Synspillum Juvies 1st Gen

    Hey all, I have been working on line breeding these guys for more blue speckling. Parents are shown in the photo's and the fry in the video. Male is the one with more red throughout the body, the female is quite dark with an Olive face. The speckles don't look like much in the photo but...
  6. V

    For Sale  Vieja texas hybrid 8 inc

    Male hybrid available 90280 or ship 8 to 9 inf 323 704 6845
  7. Cichlids keeper

    What is a Rainbow King?

    I heard people mention "Rainbow Kings" before I understand that they are a hybrid and I think they have a lot of vieja in them but I don't know anything else. Does anyone know anything about them?
  8. Toiletcar

    For Sale  Maskaheros regani SEPA

    I have 2 regani that I need to rehome. They are around 4-5”. Very nice fish and have only been eating NLS. Must pick up .

    Juvenile Black Belt (Maculicauda) coloration

    So I was at my local shop yesterday and I saw a tank of what looks like really washed out Viejas. I thought they were some sort of mutts so I asked the guy to show me the list and it said paraneetroplus maculicauda. They were super drab I'd almost say pure white, there were a few that had a few...
  10. V

    For Sale  Rare vieja aregentea (faded)

    I have 2 males super rare gold argentea .. No.hybrid pure breed. 9 inches Very healthy 500 each
  11. B

    Fry dying - killing each other or disease?

    Hey everyone, My Vieja Guttulatus and Vieja Hartwegi recently started to breed after they hit about two years old. One batch of fry is about two and a half months old now, and I've been finding dead ones each morning. Sometimes I will find two or three, and sometimes I will wake up to ten dead...
  12. R

    Species and Sex Vieja..

    Hey guys been a long time reader but just signed up. Reading a lot about sexing the Vieja. Seems like the fish are making and clearing areas to lay eggs but both seem Male. There's a lot of discussion between correct species between vieja as well and would just like to clear some questions up.
  13. Z

    Vieja Hartwegi info?

    My LFS has a tankful of 4cm individuals. Couldn't find much info on this fish and wanted to know more before potentially buying one, was wondering on the: 1. Potential max size 2. Minimum tank size 3. Diet 4. General aggression levels 5. Possible tank mates (like bichirs or other cichlids) 6...
  14. cichlidsickness

    Vieja ID

    Picked these up as vieja argentea at the 1 inch size from my LFS. Quickly realized they werent argentea when i noticed the red tint on the tails. Theyre about 4 inches now. Im thinking hartwegi? Im not sure since ive only kept viejas once! First 3 pics are the same fish. Last 2 pics are...
  15. B

    ID for a Vieja cichlid

    Recently, I caught this one during my fishing trip. I am interested to know the exact species. I believe this is the correct section to ask
  16. B

    Vieja cichlid needs ID

    Recently, I got this cichlid on a small lure. I guess it belongs to the genus Vieja. Does anyone know the exact species? Thanks
  17. B

    Need ID for a Vieja cichlid

    Hi, I need help in identifying this cichlid in the attachment images. I got it in one of the rivers in Singapore. I guess it was introduced here. My guess would be some species from the genus Vieja but I would like a confirmation. Thank you
  18. P

    New tank setupSome of them look good

    Looks like I messed up the title, bad on me. I’m going to setting up a new 6 foot 180g this weekend with some cycled filters. I have 9 vieja coming from CoA on Wednesday. Dan suggested melanarum, Regani, and bifasciatus for a vieja community tank. All are approx 3 in. I plan on using white sand...
  19. cichlidfan77

    late night pic

  20. cichlidfan77

    Random pic’s

    the three amigos Some shots of Maui my rainbow shark and here's cheeto starburst