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Apr 5, 2017
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If my math is correct 121 people have voted, where are these people coming from? Do we just have a large numbers of lurkers? Is there a vast amount of members in the cichlid section which I rarely venture into? Am I just blind to how many people post regularly? I don't know where these numbers are coming from.
Id imagine the member base is in the thousands. Of that a percentage is actually active and of that a percentage post regularly. It would be nice to get more posts from those that "lurk" on a regular basis. But not everyone has time keep a thread or even do something quick like this. I do wish theyd hit the like button once in a while at least.
One of the salt forums I was on would show you the people who viewed your thread for a short period of time after the view but would keep track of view count too. Only a small percentage would hit a like or dislike button and a smaller percentage would actually post a comment.
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