770 Gallon Monster Setup


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Jun 19, 2007
Bay Area
Pure awesomeness... cant wait to see it stocked. :nilly:
Me neither. Stock will probably not impress anyone though.

I am.... Jealous... If u put goldfish In there I want videos... Lmao
I have an old Sony cybershot camera that takes video...the quality is not very good, but I will post 'em.

Awesome tank!!! Good luck with the stocking

Looks amazing. You definitely didn't skimp on quality. Well done.
Thanks. I went high end on everything except for the lighting. And yeah, I'm officially broke.

they better be some huge goldfish!
I like growing fish out so they won't be big for some time.

I love the info on moving large tanks! LOL and soaking the drift wood in the pool/hot tub hahah I can tell your not married. Great thread, looking forward to more updates :)
lol- yeah, no wife. People have gotten into the hot tub with the driftwood in there...no big deal...just use it as a footrest. My girlfriend has been really patient with me and all the time I've spent on this thing.

Kudos to you my friend. You're "living the dream."
Thanks. I think this is as big as I will ever go.

wow... nice. you got yourself a cool indoor swimming pool ;)
Thanks. I'll probably have to jump in once more to arrange the driftwood and plants, but after that any swimming will be done in my pool.

My favorite smiley icon.

holy sh%t.........
That's exactly what I said when I first saw this beast on Craigslist and again when I saw it in person.

Very nice tank, stocking ideas?
Stock list is posted in my original post, someone near the bottom. Sorry, I wrote a ton.

PG&E is gonna think you're growing weed with all the wattage you'll be using for that m'fer!

Thanks! I'm actually only using 290watts (Reeflo Hammerhead Gold). When the lights are on it'll add another 128 watts, so it's not drawing that many watts (418W total). If I end up heating it, that'll be a whole different story.

I love the 48" tall. I wish I had a 120x48x48" good luck with it. I used the Hagen aqua glo bulbs on my 750g and makes the fish look real nice and they are pretty inexpensive.
Thanks for the tip...I'll look into those bulbs. I'm just using phillips daylight 6500K bulbs right now and it puts out a really white light...not sure that I like it. There is a 10x4x4 at a local fish store and it is awesome. They have a blacktip shark in there, and that is not so awesome...poor guy just swims from end to end, bumping his nose.

Very nice setup bro! Subscribed :)

Aghh, I hate my life now..... :drool:
That's how I felt when I realized I might not be able to keep tropicals in it.

I cant wait to see it full of fish.
Me neither...and I've been waiting for months!

Awesome set-up, In the words of Duce Bigalo "That's a hug b----" I love the look on guy's face in the 4th pic with his arms folded. He has a "what the hell have I got myself into" expression on his face:ROFL:
haha- I don't think he even touched the tank...he was a friend of the seller and he showed up more as a spectator. But you will have that same look on your face pretty soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your pix.


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Jun 19, 2007
Bay Area
What have you placed directly under the stand? and why?
The original owner used what I think is called closed cell neoprene tape (basically foam) on the bottom of the stand. It has compressed more at some of the high points on my shims (my shims are not perfect) and it also provides some padding for my floors (he had a epoxy coated floor similar to mine and I'm sure he was trying to protect it from getting all scratched up by the steel).


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Jun 16, 2009
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Awesome job! And don't be ashamed of the goldies, they're the only things swimming in my tank... (granted you have me beat by x10)


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May 8, 2006
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I'm impressed with your stocklist! I love all the fish you have on your list. Just because they are common doesn't mean they aren't awesome fish. I LOVE my four oscars, they have the funniest personalities.


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Sep 9, 2010
That is one bad-ass tank! What are your plans for how to do water changes?

PS - I second the CA theme!