Adopted goldfish/tank questions


MFK Member
Nov 11, 2018
Two girls I live next to had to get rid of their goldfish and came to ask me if I'd take their 3 favorite ones. When I saw them in their 20 gal tank I was like "Yeah ok I'll take them for you."
It's a pretty simple setup (50 gal with a curved front), but I was wondering if these fish would be alright in this tank for life, or if I'll have to switch them over to a bigger tank in the future. I already have 3 Ryukin in a different tank, but I don't know much about the type of space/decor that Comets need. 2 are regular Comets and the other is a fancy I believe. They were VERY large for being in a 20 gal, but I wonder if putting them in a bigger tank will help them grow out or if they've already been stunted? (I don't know much about how that works tbh)
It has a heater (it's not even plugged in lol), a gentle water pump just to keep it from getting stagnant, a larger plant that I took from one of my other tanks, and a filter. They seem to like one side of the tank a lot more than the other, so I might have to move things around a little bit.
Should I add more plants like that? Is the substrate okay?

Goldfish aren't my forte, but I figured it was better than being where they were previously.