1. N

    Lockdown=No New Tank

    We have been saving for a new (used) tank for a long time now but lockdown out any plans on hold. I’m worried about our fish in the meantime: would you change water more often? Add another filter? Go colder? 35 (may be 37) gallon tank Freshwater Hypostumos Pleco 13.5 inches 2 filters Air stone...
  2. L


    hey, i had a idea a gold fish but i never had an aquarium before i seem online people people keeping goldfish in Gatorade bottles and decided to give it a try, ive purchased 2 common gold fish and put them inside a Gatorade bottle however 1 of them has died in a few hours and the other one isn’t...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Ways to groom oranda goldfish?

    As the title says what are some ways to groom oranda goldfish? Thanks to anyone who gives me tips in advance!
  4. Jacob6556

    Goldfish in need of help!!

    So I just bought a used fish tank from a friend and the fish tank was completely gross, I’d say hadn’t been cleaned in a year or more, the back wall was solid algae. So anyway the tank came with a 8 inch goldfish in it, and anyway the goldfish has many problems now that it’s a new tank. I have...
  5. Jacob6556

    Large goldfish and a tiger Oscar together??

    So I have had this 75 gallon tank for about 5 years now and I now just have a single goldfish who is around 8 inches along with a few danios. I was just wondering if I take the danios out would I be able to add a small tiger Oscar to the tank? Yes I have slowly moved the goldfish water...
  6. pinfish

    Hey I'm Pin!

    I am a high school student that got into the hobby over the summer. I started with a ten gal, expanded to a 29, then a 55, and now a 75. The 55 and 75 I restored by hand. My dream is to some day get a gigantic tank to keep monsters but I'll have to wait till I have more room.
  7. C

    For Sale  8 Large Koi Fish 12-24"

    Have 8 large Koi Fish for sale from 12 to 24" long and all kinds of beautiful color patterns. Starting at $75, located in Marshfield,Ma 508 209 8014
  8. N

    Pleco food change/ripped fin recovery

    Hi All First off a great big thank you to the whole Monster Fish Community for all the help, advice, and support over the last few years... Q.1 So Our Pleco Squiggly suffered a ripped anal fin about a week ago from unknown source. No changes prior to the injury and the water has been clear...
  9. itrebebag99

    GoPro footage of Big Goldfish Feeding

    The quality isn't the best, but I did get some footage of big goldfish feeding off a method lead, as well as some other native fish:
  10. GraveyardHound

    Leucistic/Transparent Goldfish?

    Hi there, I received a goldfish recently that looked different to any goldfish i had seen before. I could see it's organs under the skin. After a little research, I found pictures of leucistic or transparent goldfish that looked exactly like the one I have. I will attach pictures. Is this a...
  11. Wyvlen

    Adopted goldfish/tank questions

    Two girls I live next to had to get rid of their goldfish and came to ask me if I'd take their 3 favorite ones. When I saw them in their 20 gal tank I was like "Yeah ok I'll take them for you." It's a pretty simple setup (50 gal with a curved front), but I was wondering if these fish would be...
  12. K

    Picking a new Wet pet

    Hi Everyone, I'll start by saying the I've only used the forum once before so apologies if this is in the wrong place.Admins please feel free to move it. Last year I asked everyone for advice on picking a personable/interactive wet pet that could live comfortably in a 3ft tank ( Interactive wet...
  13. N

    Advice about fin rot please

    Hi, I am needing some advice I have a 220 litre tank with four fancy goldfish and one pictus catfish in it one of the goldfish unbeknownst to me had fin rot when it was introduced and I have been struggling with it for close to a month now have been treating with pimafix and melafix and the...
  14. M

    Bichir Playing with Food

    Hello I am new to this website and I heard its pretty valid. I have a 55 gallon tank with a 4 inch senegal bichir. I am in the process of setting up a "gut loader" tank in which I plan to quarantine minnows that I will buy in bulk from my pet store. I dont want my bichir to starve so I have a...
  15. Deadliestviper7

    Batik scaled fish?

    Anyone seen the Batik scaled goldfish?
  16. F

    Large non nipping fish for goldfish?

    I just upgraded my sun room pond to a 300 gallon and leave it at 75 degrees (I live in Florida and my goldfish can handle the heat waves) I have 5 fancy goldfish and 2 comet, I was trying to find a large interesting tank mate that could coexist with them and not bother the fancies. Or perhaps...
  17. Kittiee Katt

    Dislocated Jaw

    Hi all, long time no see. One of my goldfish (named Fillet) has what looks like a dislocated jaw, what do I do? Specs: Outdoor pool/pond approx 6000ltrs (roughly 1600gal) Occupants: 5 goldfish ranging from 10" to 5" Set up for a couple of years now, nothing new added in over 12 months...
  18. PGJE

    oscar with goldfish???

    in a month I'm going to get a 150 gallon tank, as an upgrade for my turtles and fish. i have two turtles, both are very slow and have been compatible with any fish i have ever put in the tank (including cichlids). In the 150 ill have: 2 turtles 1 pleco and three 8 inch goldfish i want to know if...
  19. PGJE

    100 gallon stocking?

    I am going to get a 100 gallon tank in a month or two and i was wondering what i should stock it with? There will be two turtles (that can never catch fish, Iv'e had them for a while and want to upgrade their tank), a place and some large comet goldfish. are there any large fish that can go into...
  20. Hybridfish7

    Bamboo forest (aquascape) goldfish tank

    I'm planning on making an aquascaped tank based on a bamboo forest with panda butterfly goldfish, lucky bamboo, riccia and weeping moss, and maybe some anubias. size will be a 40 gallon long, (36" x 18" x 13") with a sponge filter. I already calculated the costs and all that, cost for the tank...