1. Hendre

    protrusion from under goldfish scale possible injury, any ID?

    good evening guys and gals of mfk, after moving my goldfish from a 80 litre tank outside to temporary 250 indoors i noticed one of my goldfish had a foreign object coming out from under the scales, possibly a parasite? It may have knocked itself on a brick sitting in the small tank used to...
  2. overdrive

    bichir newbie from texas!

    Hey, I'm a newbie to the monster fish arena - goldfish don't really count, despite their size and messmaking. I'm the proud owner of a fat albino bichir named Udon and a tiny little ornate named Brutus. Plus a blood and kirin parrot, as yet unnamed. Mostly here to do some further reading on...
  3. littleturt

    Cleaning My 150 Gallon Pond

    So I have an 150 gallon pond and it currently has extra, larger fish (I'm going to be moving them out to a larger tank that I have once I can get help setting it up. They aren't especially large but just larger than the rest I have) and there is a great amount of debris at the bottom of the tank...
  4. Redearsunfish

    So you want to keep fancy Goldfish do ya?

    This is a good place to start
  5. C

    Treating Anchor Worms and Fungus?

    Hi, I posted a couple of days ago on my fish having Anchor Worms. I figured it went away, but I now see that the anchor worm has come back and he hasn't been able to recover from the fungus. He is a hardy little thing and is very energetic and hungry. I've been trying to find a treatment that...
  6. C

    Possible Anchor Worm Infestation

    Hi, this is my first post in this website, so hello guys :). So, two days ago I bought a black oranda goldfish. When I got him I noticed there was a dangly piece of scale on his side, but didn't think much of it. The following day I noticed that a second one had appeared on his other side. So...
  7. littleturt

    Driftwood Slime

    I was curious about some slime on my driftwood. It is completely clear and I actually can't see it with my own eye. I could only tell it was there when I touched the surface of the wood. It was slimy in certain areas and in others it was not. This slime appeared while I was soaking it and it...