Eheim 2180 heater removal


Feeder Fish
MFK Member
Jul 31, 2016
I have an Eheim 2180 (XLT 1200) thermofilter that has served me well over the last years.

After this particularly hot summer, the screen started displaying the error message "dEF", so I decided to do an earlier maintenance. When I opened the filter, I noticed the heater coil was corroded and covered in "rust coral".

The heater is no longer working so I slapped a Hydor ETH on the return hose, but I'm not too keen on running this filter with that rusted coil in permanent contact with the water.

I'm wondering, is there an effective and safe way to convert this 2180 into a 2080 by removing the heater component, or am I stuck with buying a new filter head?