1. OhioCLE

    For Sale  Eheim Canister 2262 (1500XL) Filter

    This listing is for a model 2262 (1500XL) Ehiem canister filter. Condition is new/unused. I had some pretty big ideas on setting up a DC powered controllable pump to this canister unit, but the project never took off. A spare o-ring and lid screw was purchased (spare o-ring and lid screw are...
  2. T

    For Sale  46 Gallon Bowfront Aquarium Setup + Heaters and Filters

    Up for sale is a very cool 46g bow front aquarium. Tank is glass, and is in great shape - does not leak and there are no major scratches or blemishes - just normal wear for a used aquarium. The stand is hardwood and very strong. The glass lid has a crack in it, but is held together securely by...
  3. Kitumba

    Want to Buy  eHeim Pump

    Hi Looking for a eHeim 1260 or 1262 pump for my 2260 canister filter... My pump gave out during Snowmageddon... Thanks
  4. aj12790

    For Sale  125 oceanic,30 gal sump,eheim 2262,

    30(3inch plus) red belly pirahnas 20 each ,6 for 100,15 for 250 125 gal oceanic glass full and running with home made stand (2x6)150 (2) 36 in beamworks DA lights with timers 50 ea both for 90 30 gal sump with overflow box and eheim pump(1262) 125 Eheim 2262 with inline 300 watt heater loaded...
  5. TakeNotes


    Everything must go. Having my 3rd child in 5 months and its time to move on. ALL FISH MUST BE GONE BEFORE ANY EQUPIMENT IS SOLD. MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER ON WHAT YOUR INTERESTED IN. Package deals welcome. 3yr+ Pure Pearl Female 2yr+ Pure Pearl female 2.5+yr 1 Albino Male 2.5+yr 3yr Pure...
  6. japbart

    For Sale  eheim filter, stand, heater

    2 Aqueon Pro 100 - $25 ea or $40 for both Eheim pro 4+ 600 with media - $100 Custom sized aquarium stand with conduit bars on side(great for 5’ tanks) 60”x16”x28” - $100 Stand has cutout on sides and behind.
  7. jsoto2005

    Large Flowerhorn Filtration Setup

    Hey guys, just a quick discussion for all you filtration freaks out there. I have a 4'x2'x28" with just one SRD flowerhorn cichlid. Im running an eheim 2217 (1000l/h) and an eheim 2215 (620l/h). For inside the tank im running a double canister filter by Qanvee and adding another soon, also...
  8. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Recommended Heaters for 180 Gallon

    I am getting a 180 gallon 96Lx24Wx24H tank. I'm needing heaters and was thinking of getting two smaller heaters so if one fails they don't cook or freeze my fish. What strength heater do you recommend if I put two in the tank? I would think I would put one on each end? The room temp is about 68...
  9. OhioCLE

    Eheim 250w, Kessil A160WE, AC110, Tunze 6055 wavemaker powehead.

    Equipment for sale. Local pick-up. 44133 Area code Ohio. Medina, Strongsville areas. Most is still in "like new" condition. - One Aquaclear AC110 filter. $50. - Four (4) Eheim 250 watt glass heaters, one heater is still new in box. - Three (3) like new Kessil A160WE "Tuna Sun" model dimmable...
  10. S

    Eheim 2180 heater removal

    I have an Eheim 2180 (XLT 1200) thermofilter that has served me well over the last years. After this particularly hot summer, the screen started displaying the error message "dEF", so I decided to do an earlier maintenance. When I opened the filter, I noticed the heater coil was corroded and...
  11. amazontank

    Eheim Pro 4 350 next to tank

    I was wondering if anyone ran a canister filter directly next to a fish tank. My tank is 60"X18"X24" high... If I place the canister next to the tank will everything work perfect or does the canister need to be under the tank?
  12. amazontank

    Eheim Pro 4 350

    Can I run this canister filter directly next to a 26 gallon bowfront on the floor for a few weeks or will it sacrifice the Eheim pump?
  13. OscarDaddy69

    Switch to Sand bottom with Oscar

    I am thinking of changing my current setup to a sand bottom. Ive attached a photo of my current setup. I have a 75 Gallon with a lutino oscar, Jack Dempsey and a pleco. what are some suggestions and advice with sand bottoms with oscars. Will the sand mess up my filter, im running an eheim...
  14. islandguy11

    New Eheim Reeflex UV500: blown out after just 10 days, beware!

    This was my first UV sterilizer to ever install on a tank, so I thought I wouldn't mess around and get a good name with a reputation for quality. So I bought the Eheim Reeflex UV500. While thousands of fish keepers use their canister filters based on their overall dependability, sadly the...
  15. ukgoffer

    Clearing out some extra fish stuff

    Time to clear it out. I’m a big fan of eheim canisters. I’ve got an XL that runs my 240g and can do it solo with only a small weekly WC. They are easy to service. Eheim 2217 - up to 159 g. 264 gph flow. 8”x8”x16”. $30 Eheim 2213 - up to 55 g. 116 gph. $25 Eheim Ecco 2232 - up to 35 g. 132...
  16. Aqua Nut

    Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 350 Flow Rate FACE OFF & Canister Review

    True Flow Rate Test FACE OFF Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 VS Hydor Professional 350 External Canister Filters Review Today we are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Eheim Pro 4 + 350 vs the Hydor Professional 350 series of external canister filters.We will review all the features...
  17. RicoTheRedDevil

    Eheim 2217 vs SunSun 304b

    I can get a used eheim 2217 from someone I know for about the same price as a brand new sunsun 304b. I just wanted everyone's opinion on which I should go with. I assume this debate is quality vs turnover rate. Which is more important? The eheim pumps around 200 gph while the sunsun claims to...
  18. GoldFinger

    Heater placed horizontal not vertical???

    I really need to know if anyone has experience with placing your heaters in a horizontal position in your sump? The instructions say vertical for my EHEIM JÄGER 300W (model 3619)
  19. Aqua Nut

    Flow Test FACE OFF Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 350 Canister Filters

    True Flow Rate Test FACE OFF Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 VS Hydor Professional 350 External Canister Filters Review Today we are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Eheim Pro 4 + 350 vs the Hydor Professional 350 series of external canister filters. Which Professionel /...