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Jul 6, 2005
We need to get to know each other better, after all, not many people keep Crenicichla, so we need to stick together!! Plus it will give us a substantial thread WORTH reading!! LOL!

1. What is your first name?
2. How long have you been in the hobby???
3. How long have you been keeping Crenicichla???
4. How many pikes do you have?
5. List all the species that you have.
6. What do you feed them and how many times a day?
7. How long did it take your new pike to color up after you put it in the tank?
8. How large were they when you got them, and how much have they grown since you had them?
9. What is your fav. type of pike?
10. What size tanks do you keep your pikes in?


Running From The Hammer...
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Jul 6, 2005
1. Jeremy (Jer)
2. 18 years
3. 15 + years
4. Currently none....really sucks...but hopefully soon to change!!
6. Normally feed my pikes mysis, chopped earthworm, catfish nuggets, algae wafers, and any kind of sinking pellets. Feed them at least twice a day, with a one day fast once a week.
7. About six hours to show their nice colors.
8. Itty bitty, and they are still itty
9. Crenicichla celidochilus
10. 125gal, 75gal, 55gal...:D.


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Apr 4, 2007
20+ yrs
Off & On last 15 yrs
3-Hopefully adding more sometime soon, More Marms (Trombeta or Tapajos)
Marmorata, Xingu I, Johanna
Xingu and Jo eat everything, Marm won't touch anything but shiners.
Feed Once or twice a day with one day off.
A few hours to show colors
Xingu and Johanna were 2.5 & 3" & now they are 7 & 9". Got my Marm at 6-6.5" and she is now 10".
Marmorata is definitely my Favorite type of Crenicichla. (Unless Tigrinas make an appearance).
I currently house all my pikes in a 125. Currently looking for 240-300 locally.


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Mar 19, 2007
a year
a week
1, going to double my collection soon lol
1 bellycrawler
eats anything i throw in the tank
feed 2-3 times a day (growing out)
colors on his finnage came out within a day
3" bellycrawler
semifasciata look pretty cool to me...something about the frogface...
29 to grow out, then 55 and this summer an upgrade is on the way, 75 at the very least


Jack Dempsey
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Dec 28, 2006
Ryht Bye De Beech
1. Matt
2. on and off for 15 years, mostly off though. total about 6 years with actual tanks
3. had a few over the years, not to long though, maybe 2 years total now, plan on always having at least one now (I wished they got along)
4. Had 5, sold 4, down to 1
5. right now, Atabopa Fire, had some lucius and Regani in the past, a Sveni and Johanna long ago (didnt know what it was then)
6. Feed my guy, rosies, froozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, just got him to accept freeze dried krill, trying for pellets (ahh, maybe one day.....usually just looks at them, then me and gives me that, "you think im stupid don't you" look)
7. My guy is still in the process of growing into a Fire Red pred, still juvi colors, but attractive
8. Got my guy at about 2.5 and he is now about 6 in just under 4 months
9. Fav from what ive seen is the Big ole Ven, Cincta, marms, ummm Lents oh yeah, cobra's, My atabopa fire and trapajo's, ummm, yeah, well, i guess all of the lugubris
10. right now a 125 till i get the balls to put a 240 in my 2nd story apt.


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Apr 10, 2007
2. 10 years
3. No time keeping crenis at all
4. None
5. Zero, will be getting a Cincta soon though, and possibly a few dwarf pikes.
6. Well, I plan to feed them same as Peanut, as all of that stuff is CHEAP
7. I done have one...
8. The cincta will be 5''-8''
9. You want me to list ALL of thrm>
10. 75 for the Cincta, possibly getting a 180G come February, were he will be moved with some other pikes if I do infact get the 180


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Oct 10, 2005
not where I'm supposed to be
1. Corey
2. 20yrs
3. 6yrs
4. 7
5. Atabapo Fire, Red Tapajos, Lucius, Xingu 1, Cincta, Sax and Johanna
6. Pellets, shrimp(peeled or live grass) and frozen. 1-5 times a day.
7. except the Fire, a few minutes.
8. Cincta (3" now 16"), Fire (5" now 7-8"), Tapajos (5" now 7-8"), Lucius 1st(2" now 6") 2nd (.5" now 2"), X1 (1" now 6").
9. Cincta
10. 30g, 55g, 75g, 125g and 150g

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Mar 9, 2006
1. David
2. On and off for ~30 years...seriously for about 5.
3. Slightly over a year.
4. 34?
5. Lenticulata (4), marmorata (5), atabapo fire (3), sveni (1), lacustris (3), acutirostris (1), Xingu I (5), menezesi (5), notophthalmus (1), cobra (6).
6. Frozen bloodworms, mysis, brine shrimp, krill; the cobras, notophthalmus, menezesi, lacustris and acutirostris also eat NLS pellets. The Xingus grab some flakes, too. I feed once per day, 1-2 days off per week.
7. Cobras were the most recent, and they had the juvie pattern from the first minute out of the bag.
8. (I'll have to do some estimating and remembering to answer this one; I'll edit later if I get some info)
9. Tough to rank, but the lents, cobras and Xingus are currently my favorites. When they aren't hiding, the marms are right there, too.
10. Acutirostris shares a 180 with some Hoplarchus psittacus. Marms, lents, atabapos: each group in a 125. Lacustris are in an overstocked 210. Cobras are growing out in a 90, to be upgraded later. Sveni is temporarily in a 50-breeder. Xingus were sold as dwarfs, so are in a that I know they are not a dwarf species, they are next in line for an upgrade; menezesi group has been growing out in a 50-breeder, and needs an upgrade, too.


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Jul 17, 2007
1. mickey.
2. slightly over a year.
3. since i started my tank.
4. 5 pikes
5. 1 xingu I, 1 female regani, 1 lucious, 1 sveni, and 1 belly crawler.
6. twice a day massivore broken up, frozen bloodworms, frozen krill, shrimp pellets, and some times some tuffies.
7. my newest is my lucius named lucious. from the bag to the tank its color was there. no stress bars at all.
8. belly crawler was about 3" and is now 6". sveni was about 4" and is now 6". the regani and lucious are fresh and new so no growing yet. xingu I was about 2" and is now about 4.5".
9. right now it is sp. cobra. i love the damn color in them.
10. the regani in a 5 with a nanoluteous, my sveni in a 55 with my 11" midas, my xingu I and lucious in a 45 grow out tank, and my belly crawler in a 29 with a albino asian red tail a.k.a. my xingu I eater.


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Jul 6, 2005
andyourblueblood;1256386; said:
1. mickey.
2. slightly over a year.
3. since i started my tank.
4. 5 pikes
5. 1 xingu I, 1 female regani, 1 lucious, 1 sveni, and 1 belly crawler.
There are ten questions

Coming along great peeps! Thankz for participating! :D