Guppy breeding tank set up.


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Dec 18, 2018
Save yourself a lot of time and headache by getting rid of these two emotions right now. You’ve said that you’re very new to the hobby, acknowledge that and acknowledge that others know more than you and you should listen to those who know more. If you let yourself feel insulted, embarrassed, etc, then they will only hinder your progress in the hobby. Feel free to ask any questions you want on this site, you will be helped.

I say these things not to insult you but to help you, when you open your mind up and are willing to accept help and knowledge then and only then will you truly start to become a good fish keeper.

I hope what I have said was not too harsh as it was not my intention comrade.
I think I was just being overtly sensitive, you’re definitely right, I just have to be more open that I still don’t know a lot.