Keeping Dario/Badis in a shrimp tank


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Mar 16, 2019
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Bob Buttons
I’m setting up a 10-gallon for crystal shrimp, and/or bees. I would like a few fish for the planted display. Obviously, totally shrimp-safe fish are best, but...I really like black tiger Dario sp. ‘Myanmar,’ and the awesome thing is their tolerance for lower temps, since I’d prefer heaterless, and it might occasionally dip below 70°F in the winter.

So, the Dario are gonna eat some shrimplets, no doubt. The question is this: if I establish a healthy breeding colony of RCS, with a densely-planted environment with lots of places to hide, are the Dario going to basically get them all? Or could it be a case where well-fed Dario might pick one off now and then, but the colony still produces plenty of new shrimp?
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