March 2010 TOTM Winner

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Jul 9, 2005
south of heaven
Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. And for the doubters and ones who said only people with tons of money can do this, all I can say is that this was built on a major budget. This replaced my 300g built in. I actually spent hours ripping nails and screws out of the used 2x4s to recycle them for this build. I got an amazing deal on this tank from a fellow MFKer and built the everyhing else myself. The sale of the 300g financed most of my supplies, pumps and the granite, which I got extremely cheap due to the fact it was scrap and is actually 3 pieces put together. And for others who said there is nothing worth looking at inside the tank, here is the stocklist

20" Silver aro
20" Clown knife
3- tropical gars 18"-24"
18" Florida gar
12" Red snook
10" Indo dat
14" mono pbass
8" motoro ray
14" Lapradae
12" Endlicheri
19" Endlicheri

Please enjoy They may not be rare fish but they are truely monsters


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Feb 14, 2008
Well done jsodwi.....

Awesome tank, set up, and stock.
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