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Aug 4, 2016
Hello, I've been doing some research and came up with a list of medicines that can be used when dealing with scale less fish. please comment below if you've used these medicine with the result or feel free to add to the list. Thank you

This list was made with BLACK GHOST KNIFE FISH in mind but it is applicable to other scaleless fish. I do not know about RAYS hence, someone who knows can confirm.
1. Nitrofurazone - for bacterial infections and columnaris.
product : API Furan 2
2. Kanamycin Sulphate - for general bacterial infections and fungal
product : Seachem Kanaplex
3. Praziquantel - for internal worms/ parasites
Product :API general cure , Hikari Prazipro
4. Levimasol HCl - for worms/parasites
5. Methelene Blue (zinc free) - used as a general cure for wounds to PREVENT not treat fungal and bacterial infections. and for internal infections. FOR BETTER OSMOTIC REGULATION
Products : Seachem stressvguard , Hikari bio- bandage.
6. Metronidazole - bacterial infections and parasitic infections caused by protozoans such as ciliates. The classic example is Hexamita, for which it's pretty much the standard
Product : Seachem Metroplex
7. Acriflavin Hydro-chloride - Fungal infections like fin rot, mouth fungus etc.
Product : API Fungus cure
8. Isoniazid 300mg - for tuberculosis.

I have my doubts about
Paraguard which has Malachite green. I'd be happy if someone can confirm this. Thank you so much for your time
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