1. R

    Need help identifying rays!!

    Hey guys, need some help identifying these rays! Im new to keeping rays and want to be sure these are pure black diamonds and not just hybrids. I’m purchasing them as pure mid grade bds. I know it can be hard to tell, but any insight would be greatly appreciated 🙏
  2. ptgabrys

    For Sale  female empire bd, indo tarpon

    Just trying to make some room in my tank. These fish have been in my care for around a year and are both extremely healthy. The female empire bd is pellet trained along with literally any other food i throw in (shrimp,tilapia,krill,blood worms, etc) and the tarpon is on frozen foods. Feel free...
  3. C

    For Sale  WtB: Peacock Bass and Arowana

    Looking for all kinds of peacock bass, arowanas, gars, goonch, Rays, bowfin etc
  4. C

    For Sale  WTB: Golden Dorado and Rays

    Looking to buy golden dorado preferably young about 6"+ as well as Rays of any size and any other badass fish text me anytime 508 209 8014 and let me know what you have! Thanks
  5. Y

    WTB rays

    Looking for black diamond and/or pearl rays. HMU
  6. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Tons of Ray's! FREE SHIP!

    Hey all! All the current Ray's are posted to our website! Check them out at: www.ExoticAquaticsLLC.com/Shop MFK members get free airport shipping on all orders over $250!! Use code "freeshipping"(only good til the 7th) Signup for sms updates and recieve 10% on top of the sale prices!! Click...
  7. DanHOB

    Huge rays in our pond with Aro’s

    Massive pond with our massive rays (2x bd’s, p14, Motoro) and Aro’s We was getting our Aro’s to be ‘handfed’ which they eventually did☺️
  8. F

    Potamotrygon scobina hybrid

    Do scobinas crossbreed with other ray species like black diamond or p14? Im searching like forever but i cant find anything...
  9. Dgmannn412

    Brazilian electric ray narcine brasiliensis

    Can you get one? is it possible. Who has info on one? Wikipedia has nada. I hear 4 to 5 inches. At that size dose it have a long life span? Is a 125gallon dedicated tank too small for one? Is it worth getting excited about a miniature electric stingray? I think it would be awesome but what's the...
  10. AquaScape

    Stingray Specials (Christmas Gift from AquaScapeOnline to you)

    Happy Holiday Specials Pearl Stingray Pups 4" (Captive Bred) Males 300.00 ea Females 350.00 ea. 550.00 Pair Motoro Pups 4" (Captive Bred) Males 150.00 Females 150.00 Black Diamond 7" (Captive Bred) Males 500.00 Females 600.00 1000.00 Pair Pics up soon, Limited quantity available
  11. F

    New to Rays Looking for help

    Hey , I am hoping to start keeping fw rays and just had a couple of questions. I have read about the tank requirements and have purchased a tank that I'm hoping is suitable for at least a while. The tank is a 150 US Gallon but the tank dimensions are 96 x 30 x 13. (Inches) (Frag Tank)...
  12. T

    Heater for Rays

    Decided to go with extra volume. Got a 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 so I can put some small motoro rays in it. Any advice for a first time ray keeper? I know amnomia has to be none at all. Also they eat a lot. Heater can't be in tank Correct? What's best setup for filter and heater wise? How do I setup heater...
  13. T

    Stocking 220 gal

    So today's the day. Buying a 220 gallon today. What rays are typically pleco safe? My LFS carries BD and marble, those typically pleco safe? Also, if I want to get rays in 6 x 2 x 2.5 what should I use on bottom? Sand? How much driftwood is good? Anybody has any tanks that have rays in 220 gal...
  14. R


    Hello, I've been doing some research and came up with a list of medicines that can be used when dealing with scale less fish. please comment below if you've used these medicine with the result or feel free to add to the list. Thank you This list was made with BLACK GHOST KNIFE FISH in mind but...
  15. G

    looking for some rays for my tank.....

    Ok he is the short story..... not sure that many remember me here but used to be very very active in this forum. Have had rays for the last 15 years. Was one of the first to ever breed retic rays (17 pups shipped nationally). At one point we had 9 adult rays in our 600 gallon tank. Over the...
  16. feeling2good

    FS/back diamond stingray pup $500/Milwaukee WI/pick up only

    1 male pup around 5 inches for $500. The tail is broken right before where the stinger grows so he doesn't have stinger. Was told broken shortly after birth. He is healthy, eating chopped up shrimp, tilapia and nightcrawlers. He is not a big fan of pellets yet but does chew them.
  17. ukgoffer

    Ph climbing? Black worms living in substrate etc.

    So I was doing a WC today - normally weekly but I measured some ammonia in my water - just added a ray so might be the culprit. In stirring the sand I found some of the black worms seem to be doing fine! I guess the Ray or Geos will find a snack? Usually if one of my canisters gets dirty...