NEVER release an aquarium fish into the wild.


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Feb 1, 2016
Bangalore, India
Sharing: Recently there was a massive flood in state (Kerala) of India. More than 80 dams had to be opened when they reached maximum capacity and this aggravated the floods and many became homeless and now living in shelters.

And now we see this:

It appears that Piranhas got released from some farms through flood waters, their numbers, and origin so far not available.
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Jenniffer Y Williams

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Sep 11, 2018
Introducing an aquarium fish to the wild, wether native or non-native is a cardinal sin for a fishkeeper. Even wild caught native fish can pick up non-native disease in your tank that you could be unleashing upon the native ecological system. A non-native introduction is even worse. Non-native species compete with native fish for food and habitat, eat native fish eggs, and even destroy habitat all together. Non-native species that have caused significant problems include many species of carp, zebra mussels, the round goby, the spiny water flea, and species of snakeheads just to name a few. The introduction of snakeheads to native waters has caused the ban of ALL species of Channa to be banned from the United States. These beautiful monsters are no longer allowed to be kept in aquariums. There is also a sustained population of goldfish in the mississippi river and although they don't cause much of a problem, they give DNR officials ammo in trying to ban more species of fish that you and I keep. NEVER RELEASE YOUR FISH OR INVERTEBRATES INTO THE WILD. I hate to say it but euthanizing your fish is actually a better option than letting them go. I choose neither. If there is a fish I absolutely cannot keep anymore, I sell it or give it to another fish keeper that will provide a good home. I hope you will do the same.
I need to find my common pleco a new home due to things beyond .y control I cant get a bigger tank



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Sep 28, 2018
Stanford Kentucky
Well that answers my question I live in central Kentucky and was really wanting a blue galaxy snakehead, FML leave it to a few idiots to ruin things for everyone else Florida has the same problem with lion fish people dump them and they have no natural competition over here
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