New Baby SAL


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Aug 18, 2019
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The best way to know that it is eating is by putting it in a breeder net, and only putting a blood worm or 2 in the net. If it's still there a few hours later then it is not eating. The breeder net will also give it easy access to the surface versus the bottom of a 10g tank. When my SAL was 3" it ate every day for 2-3 feedings.
That’s essentially what I’ve been doing, with one exception: I’ve been putting it in a cup and it only ate the one day. But I do have a breeder net, maybe that will be less stressful on it.


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Aug 2, 2006
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I would definitely love to see pics!

Yeah, my SAL is just floating on plants at the surface, and doesn’t do much. Glad to know that’s semi-standard at this stage. I did read somewhere that might be an indication it’s still getting used to surroundings.

My main concern is that mine hasn’t shown much interest in food. I have mine in a planted 10Gal because it’s so small, and perhaps it’s finding food when I’m not observing. I got it to eat 3 bloodworms 2 days ago, but it didn’t eat yesterday. I did my feeding around 6pm, so maybe it was still too early? Aside from bloodworms, I tried feeding “Freshwater Frenzy” frozen cube (in like those FW multipack frozen foods). And a spirulina frozen mix, too.
Sounds pretty normal. Keep in mind that it's still young so instincts are to stay hidden. I didn't witness mine eating for awhile but I know Lungfish have healthy appetites so I just threw food in there once a day and let him get it as he pleased.
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