Painting with Sand


Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Jan 7, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta
Hello Guys,

I want to do a foam background in one of my aquariums. Many of the DIY foam backgrounds use quickcrete to provide the rock like finish.
I want to do a sandstone finish, and Id really rather use actual sand instead of light brown cement. My idea is this:
1. Make a foam background
2. cover it in an aquarium safe glue (either a spray glue or a thin enough glue that I can paint it on)
3. Throw sand all over it and let it dry
4. brush off excess sand / fill in any gaps or thin spots
5. Silicone into tank
6. Add substrate, fill with water, cycle tank, etc.

My question is: Are there any glues that fit the bill?

I would need to be able to cover the entire thing fairly quickly, and I don't want to use an expanding glue like an epoxy as that wouldn't look very good.

Does anyone know of anything? Google isn't helping much.