1. BlueJacks

    125g Cinderblock Stand

    Finished it just need to use the mallet and make all the blockade even as they’ll get. Used plywood and 4x4s. had enough room for the 75 on bottom.
  2. S

    Recently built a stand for a steel framed 400 gallon aquarium, but there are some gaps around the edges, is this a problem?

    So I've spent the last 3-4 weeks building a stand for a 1600 litre aquarium I've purchased second hand. and whilst I thought I had it flat and level upon placing the tank I've noticed some gaps around the sides of the tank (the worst of which is large enough to fit a steel ruler through). I...
  3. The Masked Shadow

    Safe for fish? PVC Cement

    Is PVC Cement safe for fish?
  4. The Masked Shadow

    Medium-sized Outside Lizard Cage (DIY)

    Here’s my outside cage for my Bearded Dragon. Today was warm out - the first day he had gone in the cage for a while. The build is probably 3-4ft cubed. It was originally a sand pit for my sister and I when we were little, but we changed it into a cage when I got this guy. The basics of the cage...
  5. The Masked Shadow

    How do I prep dead manzanita for driftwood

    I just went to a relatives property. He has a giant Bigberry Manzanita tree, which is dead on one side. Since the tree is at least 10 feet tall, and very wide, I got to take around an 8 foot dead branch, and smaller ones as wall. Problem is, they have lichen on them. I don’t have a clue how to...
  6. A

    pool resin instead of epoxy for a plywood tank?

    Hello everyone, i met someone today who builds plywood tanks and he said he used pool resin instead of an epoxy solution to keep costs low... Is there anything to keep in mind when using pool resin? any negatives or weaknesses?
  7. H

    3000 Gallon Planted Big Cichlid Aquarium...Upgraded!!

    Big update to the 3000 gallon, new lights, new fish, upgraded filtration....woot! :)
  8. V

    newbie plywood 120 tank

    hello im new! im building a plywood tank. dimensions are going to be 42''x24''x30''. Im getting help with more carpentry savvy family but still messed up measurements due to not knowing 2x4s arent actually 2x4 so now ill have to add a bit of wood above them or bring the height down to 29 inches...
  9. J

    building glass aquarium

    hi , I want to build my own cube aquarium dimensions of 15x15x15“ i have been reading on how to build it, what confuses Me is I have seen people place the side,back and front panels on top of the bottom glass, I have also seen some people place them around the bottom glass? what should I do ...
  10. M

    Basement Fish Room and Water Changes

    Hi all I have 4 fish tanks in my basement and for water changes/cleaning I have been dumping the water in the sump pump out of pure laziness. Today I went down and the it smelled like rotten eggs in the sump pump and figured either dead snails or built up detritus from the cleaning. I’m going to...
  11. karpomatic

    DIY Polycarbonate Sump

    I'm going to take a crack at building my own sump for my 125 mostly South American 125 gallon aquarium. I have been using the one in the photo for 3 years now and it's okay but it was originally designed for saltwater and I'm hoping I can do better. The planned dimensions are 48" x 15" x 15"...
  12. J

    Submersible Heaters and Pond Liners

    I recently built an indoor plywood pond. I was trying to figure how to use my submersible heaters without burning the pond liner. I have heater covers, but didnt know if that would be enough
  13. V

    720 plywood aquarium build

    In the process of designing a 720 gallon plywood aquarium for some monster fish. Took this design off of "greenterra" so check out his thread if you get a chance. Tank will be built strictly out of 3/4" plywood for the sides and bracing. Each side will have a double layer of 3/4" ply so total...
  14. Jush

    Glass panel thickness for a custom built 1000gallon+ system?

    I want to build a custom indoor pond for preds, with glass viewing panels, measurements aren't final, but I've been told you can go as far wide and back as you want let's say with 2-foot depth & you'll be fine with 12-15mm glass, but I want to go taller. I've been told 3-foot height maybe 18mm...
  15. Abyssalisk

    360 Gallon Water Dragon & Basilisk Paludarium

    Hey MFK, been a while! After selling all of my fish and aquariums, I've had the funds and time to shift focus to something more apartment friendly. I've always been a herper alongside an aquarist and decided to go full beast mode on my paludarium since it's the only enclosure I'll be keeping for...
  16. C

    DIY Fishroom project

    Hello fishkeepers, I'm finally taking the plunge to make a start on my fishroom. Here is a summary of what i have to do before i am able to build my plywood tank. -plumming from my house to the shed (Done) -central heating from my house to the shed (Done) -waterline from my house to the...
  17. KelberiFishLover19

    How Safe Is Decor Used From The Wild?

    Aquarium decor can be expensive. I want to know how safe things like bigger pieces of stone, rocks, and sticks from the wild like in the woods or my backyard are for my aquarium. I have been trying to add more to my tank but I’m just not sure how safe it is and I don’t want to risk my fish’s...
  18. KelberiFishLover19

    DIY Filter Media

    With the prices of filter bags and other filter media going up, I’m looking for cheep but safe and productive filter media for my filters. I’m interested to see what you guys can come up with and I want to save some money.
  19. Zak03

    Resealing a tank

    hey guys, so I have to reseal a couple tanks. And I read many times that you have to let the silicone sit for 2 days before adding water. But, the silicone I bought, Aquascape clear silicone, says, “allow silicone to dry for 30 minutes before allowing contact with water”. I’m just interested, do...
  20. ItsFishMoney

    80GAL Tank Build

    Hey friends. New member posting my predator tank build progress as it comes along. So far I have acquired and 80GAL tank that I have stripped and am going to reseal in next few days. I have also purchased a Fluval 406 filter with year supply of media. Icecap 3K Gyre flow for water circulation. I...